WARS........ and is 1-2-3-4 just what are we fighting for!!!!! Next Stop is Viet.....Naaamm. !!!!

BRANCH & UNITS USMC - USN ------ USAF--- - USCG ------ Sidekick's ---- Hell if I Know.

COUNTRY'S INVOLVED - Allied - & - Enemy - Neutrals--------Hell if I Know.

Casualty lists - Wounded lists - POW's & MIA's.

PRE WAR INDICATORS ----- SIGNIFICANT BATTLES. Inner-----Outward----With the Enemy / ourself's.



POSITIVE OUTCOMES . ............Hell if I know.

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POW/MIA decals

Project POW's & MIA's Interstate will send a free POW/ MIA decal to anyone who sends a self-addressed self-stamped legal size envelope to 4210 Pow's /Mia's Memorial Drive, St Cloud. Fla. 34772-8142

*****.......... <Please note>.......**** Cpl Pro may be contacted at powmiast@noangle.net or you can go back to the main page at http://noangle.net.

Sorry but due to high demand and due to financial restraint's the pow/mia decal's are not longer being given out I regret any inconvenience this might of caused you and all letter's that have been received are kept safely once the money flow's again I will begin to send them out again and will once again advertise so nation wide as before.

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