Here is the amunition neeed it is up to you now to shoot in the right direction.

The information contained here in is for your information JUST READING IT is not going to do much for the fate of our heroe's IT IS INTENDED TO BE USED. Please look into the matter and act on it by giving copies to other's. Most of this information is able to be downloaded and sent in. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO HAND your Representatives you will be amazed how much more attention is paid to a few scribles INSTEAD OF A PHOTO-COPY or form letter.....once they see a form letter they recognize it and its history.... SUPER PLEASE WITH CHOCOLATE ON TOP PLUS SPRINKLES AND NUTS............if you see somthing here in eror or that needs updating or simply NOT HERE then E-mail " Cpl Pro" and tell him to get on the Ball.....ofcourse if you can send the information in a finished state and ready for the WWW ( specially with e-Mail HL or links) then do so but just mentioning it will get results... Once Again...Thanks for Caring.


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POW/MIA decals

Project POW's & MIA's Interstate will send a free POW/ MIA decal to anyone who sends a self-addressed self-stamped legal size envelope to 4210 Pow's /Mia's Memorial Drive, St Cloud. Fla. 34772-8142

*****.......... <Please note>.......**** Cpl Pro may be contacted at or you can go back to the main page at

Sorry but due to high demand and due to financial restraint's the pow/mia decal's are not longer being given out I regret any inconvenience this might of caused you and all letter's that have been received are kept safely once the money flow's again I will begin to send them out again and will once again advertise so nation wide as before.

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