Since I do not longer Smoke some where's in my belonging's there is my old USMC Zippo Ligther I know that it is mine unequal to any other for it read's Jose N Proenza Sanfiel ssn 123-45-6789 DEATH COMES LIKE A LIGHT USMC.

It is I . I will say to the Lord and whence he pounces upon me to take my soul in the mirror of my life I sahall see at best the unknown at worst my soul. May my maker keep me allway's humble for whence I come and where's I go I do not know.

God Bless America Land of the Free.

Cpl Pro. USMC Semper Fi.




That is the past .

I'm now a Professional healer rank of RN ( really nutty ) if you ask some . This page's are as an atonement for excistance so that my pressence would of reveal the presence of essence.

My challenge to heal the gaping cavity left in the chest of a wounded America for if its heart is missing it is emprissioned in foreing lands in bamboo cages, frozen Gulags or the bowels of a land where they bled but not what they bled for.

The worst waste that a country can do is waste its most precious resources and the Honor that the POW's & MIA'S maintain , the price that they pay deserve no less from their Country men..

Enough of me Enter THE REAPER'S EDGE and see thing's greater than me.................

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