Weaknesses in the monsters armor.


Like all mammoths this Goliath has a few weak links in its armor and I would like to publicly acknowledge the assistance that was given to me by the folks from " Cyber Wands ". I believe that the new information that you gave me in April Fools Day will work after all. I did have some problems absorbing it but the worm will do its crawling soon enough. I'm not sure if the time span that I was looking for is long enough but time will tell and I 'm a patient man. When it gets to the core I will let you know by removing this message. OK?

 It is so easy once you know how. As you know I rather do things the legal way and there is no law against this yet so no laws have been broken and I can live with that.


Thanks guy's and gals you are really the best.


Webmaster's Comments.

In the bible there is that famous story of the real big guy " Goliath " and the insignificant young man not even yet a warrior, a mighty sword and armor then a simple robe and a sling shot with God provided stones and all that it took was one good shot.

If you rather look at it on modern day terminology. The space shuttle built to travel in space and withstand the impact of meteors at hundreds of miles per hour did not withstand the lowly woodpeckers of the Great State of Florida.

I came to this earth naked and naked I shall go.


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