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Jan 2nd 1998


To: ** URGENT ** / Donna Shalala / ** URGENT **

Dept Health and Human Services

200 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20201


Subj: URGENT ACTION NEEDED FROM YOUR OFFICE.....Regarding USG V/s Charter Hospital Fraudulent investigation Case # 94-1170-CIV-ORL-22




Ma’m on an Article of " November 29th 1997. The Orlando Sentinel. Many can hear what you tell doctors Records of patients are not kept private By Jill Young Miller / WASHINGTON BUREAU


Shalala. is critical of how medical records are protected."


If this Article is correct your office needs to look into this matter Immediately......since one of the branches of your Department is acting in what can be considered Gross Negligence ( Please see Attachment Letter to Reed Stevens Esq.


The USG is said to get ready to make a deal with Charter Hospital without examining a computer that is in custody of the court....and has been for over 6 Months with knowledge of USG.


The mentioned Computer was a negligent act by part of Charter hospital in Violation of Patient confidentiality and contains 20 Megabytes of information regarding all matters the running such Hospital. Due to the extent of the Millions of dollars in Fraud involved it appears that requesting and reviewing the information contained in this computer is imperative before any

" Deals " are could be akin to trowing away Jack the Reaper’s Diary while he is on the loose i.e akin to gross negligence by public servants or worse some one " on the take ".


This issue encompasses both of the concerns expressed by you in the Newspaper article however it seems that the actions of your Staff is not following with the sentiment expressed.


Ma’m you being in charge of the Department and ultimately responsible for its actions will be caught with " Pie on the face " if this matter is not dealt with immediately and for such I place you in notice on behalf of the Taxpayers. Please act accordingly.


If I may be of further assistance please contact me trough any of the channels on letterhead.


Thank you

Respectfully submitted.


Jose N Proenza Sanfiel. Registered Voter

Registered Nurse and Tax Payer


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