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Subj: Disturbing thoughts regarding Case US Gov. v/s Charter Hospital and my computer.


 Sir I ‘m disturbed at the fact that the USG has decided to ignore the direction of the 9th Judicial Court Judge John H Adams Sr. of taking possession of the computer at the Court’s Property Room containing Approximately 20 Megabytes of information on all of the affairs at that Hospital.

 The above computer is still available and the closing of this case without such evidence being reviewed by the state are as perturbing or more yet than the release of this confidential patient information to the General public. 

As a Tax-payer a patient Advocate and Nurse whom has been affected so deeply by this issue I can not see the resolution of this case with the USG deciding to ignore evidence presented with as little as even a cursory review of the evidence. I ‘m sure that the recent outburst of news interest on the subject of Health Care Privacy and Fraudulent billing practices has brought closer public attention to this issue and failure to act wisely in the matter will be remembered by the taxpayers.

 Sir you are to take notice that such computer is still this date available on the Custody of court and that failure to consider this evidence for the people could be constructed as gross negligence by part of the State and its representatives. Govern yourself accordingly.

 If I can be of further assistance you may contact me on any medium on letterhead.

 Thank you

Respectfully submitted.


Jose N Proenza Sanfiel. Tax Payer.


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