Please be aware that I have to be very careful as to what I say here since my words have been twisted all trough out this affair and that is one of the considerations that EVERY ONE should keep in mind whether it is my side or theirs . Like Rush Limbaugh and many others say FOLLOW THE MONEY. Regardless I must say my part since the air needs to be clear and I'm RIGHT they are WRONG and the truth is what will set us free or so it is said.

This has been a thorn on my side. Allegations and innuendoes have been said about this but when looked at it closely we can see where it leads to.. $1….. …..$2 Charter…$3 Charter…$4 Charter…..$5 Charter….$6 State Agency$7 …$8 The News Media attorneys. …$9 .The director of AHCA.


I bought the computer at a second hand shop. The Osceola county Opportunity center. A workshop for retarded Citizens of Osceola Co. ( psychiatric ). The director say's that he/she does not know me or have any records of selling it to me. Why is the whole truth not said and admit that they do not keep a record of their sales to individuals and that this person sits on an air conditioned office while the Patients = Workers sweat it out on the workshop and they do know me and have for many a years. There are a lot of good people there. Did this person also provide a record or were they asked about contributions by the hospital? There is a report by PC Magazine that shows a corporation benefits financially by donating their computers rather than upgrading them or torowing them out. ( Remember Charter is a FOR PROFIT corporation and they are bound to fall for this. Even so did the reporter or " the Agency " investigators show that person a picture of me or to any one else? Did they hold an in-house investigation regarding this? Where is it.? No they did not some one just got on the phone and said. Hey did you sell a computer to such or such a person? Etc etc… Hell no they responded… of course. The truth is that they do not even know what the heck they sell I mentioned before that I bought a computer there after the incident and that computer contained information on guess who… Yes the Osceola Opportunity center…. Even though I did not know what the computer had inside. I was requested to give personal information and the machine serial number was recorded and a receipt issued. Something new that was originated due to the previous computer incident. Well guess what that computer also had private and confidential information in it. About Psychiatric patients that they employ along with other information as to the reason people were fired contributors etc etc…. NOW was this a set up or was it that the good lord placed it on my hands to show how big of a problem this is throughout our society now days?…..Regardless when I went to see Judge Adams next item I brought such computer and receipt with me and tried to give it also to the JUDGE for safe keeping or so that he would make a ruling……No way Jose he said that is not part of this case…. I MIGHT HAVE THE COMPUTER AND ITS INFORMATION STILL to be used as evidence or I might not… ( Grin )!! The fact is that this other bureaucrat does not know me from beans or does not care regardless some one else was negligent here again with the same kind of thing. Ill be darned. I tried to tell folks and give it to the right authority and acceptance was denied again. Violation of confidentiality.

DOES ANY ONE GIVES A HOOT OUT THERE…… Well Shelala did a news report about how important all of this is and new laws being made with Florida having some of the strictest laws etc….I informed her and the US attorney and 18 months have gone by and no one showing the slightest of interest. You know what they say about doing the talk and doing the walk right.!!

Ok were we….Ahh yes.. so this bureaucrat and all the other bozos really do not know what is going on yet spew words right and left to look good or to fake it….if you can not dazzle them with brilliance dazzle them with B.S. or so the bumper sticker reads.

On the Shelala article and on the real world INFORMATION is worth money whether legally obtained or not.

I bought a piece of coal ( the computer ) and it turned out to be a Diamond ( ? ) . By all means and all known laws all of this was my property and such was recognized by Judge Adams court.….EXCEPT…..the patient information….how convenient.


Did some one named Hillary not buy something very cheap and that multiplied it self real fast? Etc etc….

So here I sit with some property that I'm willing to give up freely….( to proper authority ) in order to be used as evidence in an open legal case of the federal Government against an " Alleged criminal " and no one wants it or passes the buck but then the same system takes part of my property and says NO SIR.. we can take this part of your property from you… Now where does that lead to.? Is that not a clear violation of the citizen's rights? What can be bought or sold legally later on and not be affected by this ruling….specially Computer's…..Hey bill Gates are you listening……or can some one guide him my way please…..

Ohhh the money say's the state…. Ohhhh the money say the News people….. Well folks…no one has made it into a charge and that is cause there is no cause for it even the Charter representative Mrs. Everett said herself under oath….. No He did not try to shake us down or nothing like that…….Ohhh yes innuendoes were made but that was only in order to discredit me enough to put a doubt on peoples minds when we get to the nitty gritty of the matter Zilch…. It is not Jose the one that has had any dealings of money…..The Newspaper reporter asked me a hypothetical question and as such I responded…..If they wanted to by the computer would you sell it? Well since the government did not want it and if they did then they want it to use it to prosecute me and not the " Alleged criminal " what do you expect me to say…….

I responded hypothetically….. I bought it for $20.oo Buck's…..Ahhhh $20,000 thousand or words to that effect in the same manner that if I had bough it for $30 then $30.Thousand or $ 40. $40.Thousand……….see what I mean…. Again if I wanted to sell my property regardless what the hell does any body care…??? It was bought legally the Court acknowledged it but then deprives me of part of my property…..

Even if I would of sold it for that amount or any other stupidly high amount…it would have been a bargain for Charter….because if by law I was to give the Computer to the Government or to the patients the cost would have been a heck of a lot higher and even just prosecuting me charter has spent a sizeable chunk of money any way's….

Can you Imagine….If the state would of allowed me to be a PATIENT ADVOCATE… and I would of followed the law…..informing the patients that I had the information…then they asked how I got it and then they got an attorney…… Patients the Judge still has the computer so if you were wondering ask him.

Even at $1.000 thousand dollars for each patient and charter being a 60 patient facility there is $60. Thousand dollars……however as we know those attorneys out there would of asked at least One million dollars per patient and if it would of become known across the nation ( Charter is a Nation wide conglomerate ) well then there would have been a Class A law suit…..on the Multi- Million dollar bracket right.?

Well follow the Money son Follow the money………

Enough said about me and the money……I will place a few hyperlinks here and you can see… just what I mean… Make your own opinions…….$1….. …..$2 Charter…$3 Charter…$4 Charter…..$5…. Charter….$6 State Agency$7 …..…$8 The News Media attorneys. …$9 .The director of AHCA.

By the Way if there are any attorneys out there that are reading this or if you know of any attorneys that have not surfaced yet but have the gonads to go for it….I'm game.

If there is any Tax-payer group that really cares and wants to make some demands…I'm game….. If there are any patients advocates that care about patients rights and are willing I'm game….If the ACLU… or the any of the other Civil right organizations wants to help me I'm game…….

There is still time but there are dead lines to meet….. I received my paperwork for the second final order on May 28th and it was filed on May 26th I still have 30 days for an appeal and it would be best if I did have some one that cared and knew the court system besides me to make sure that I do not get the shaft again and that we can get the real legalities of this issue out in the open.

The Newspaper Reporter asked me about any rewards that might exist when people turn in Fraudulent Bilkers of the Tax System…. I said if there is a REWARD I would collect it……..

So that is all that there is to be said about the money……The US Government makes the offer so that is legitimate…….WHY IS IT THEN THAT….others are looking at me and saying Ohhhh My God He wanted money…….

All of my actions prior to these misquoted words were for caring and protecting the tax-payer and the patient…..yet that was ignored…and still is…MISTER PLEEEAASEEE!!

Where did the Newspaper report all this incidents about the computer…. On the front page where it belonged…..or in the Medical or human Interest section of the paper.

HELL NO.!!….. It was reported on the BUSINESS SECTION of the Newspaper so what does that tell the reader….???

Blahhh Blahh…Blahhh Blahhh…….

Why waste your time and my time or say anything more about the subject I will not insult your intelligence any longer……. Follow the money……..

Thanks for reading this and please help me do the right thing.




Webmaster's Comments.

You will get all the information that you need from the above and will note that I have not included references about me and my money except as you may see trough out these pages mainly due to the fact that I came to this country with the clothes on my back, was a former US Marine and then with the GI Bill became a Registered Nurse. I have not won any lotteries and there are no warrants out for me robbing a bank. If you follow the POW / MIA issue then you would know that I spend any extra money on that ( if there is such a thing ) every one knows that I do not sell anything on that issue and that I been known to go on Hunger strikes for up to 25 days without pay and Jump on the truck to travel to Washington Deceit in order to bang on some doors. The other part that I might remind you off is the fact that I have not worked on the past 18 months and that my credit card are maxed out with me getting ready to loose my home and truck both belonging over 80% to the bank.! So if you can help with Cash wonderful if not Prayers do go a long way. Yeah I believe.!! What else you think has sustained me trough all this.?

 This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

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Is a BEAR of a job but if you like you can also reach the whole Nation trough the air ways via Radio and TV Links


We the people can make changes.!!

And if you E-Mail this Journalists will help us all.



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