Other Mental Health Resources on the WEB

  1. "A Reason for Living." - A Story that Shocked the World!
  2. a place for inner children List of reference books for inner child work.
  3. Abuse-Related Political Action From The Survivors' Voice
  4. ACCT HOME PAGE Site providing info about practice and training programs offered by Atlanta Center for Cognitive Therapy.
  5. An Angel's Flight
  6. Annisa's Area: Dissociation, Trauma, and More Resources in the areas of Dissociation, DID, Ritual Abuse, Trauma, Suicide Support and Other Mental Health Issues.
  7. Ari's Stop Abuse By Spiritual Authorities World-Wide Support Network for Those Abused by Spiritual Teachers
  8. Astraea's Web: Multiple Personality Resources Unorthodox Resources for MPD
  9. Beverly's Child Abuse and Rape Survivors' Resources A good resource page written by a survivor.
  10. Big Mental Health Page
  11. Clincal Psychology Resources
  12. Concerned Counseling A nationwide 24 hour/day online and telephone counseling service with over 150 state-licensed, masters level and above counselors.
  14. Crimson's Abuse Recovery and Resource Page Links to WWW resources.
  15. David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
  16. Discord Although this page is primarily aimed at abuse survivors, friends and family of survivors, victims still in their abusive situation, and other interested parties will find most of these links useful as well.
  17. DividedHearts MPD/DID INFO & SUPPORT PAGES Links, Articles, Therapy Directories, and more. Home of Survivors Around the World.
  18. EAP Of Tucson Inc
  1. Eating Disorders "Eating disorders afflict millions of people, thousands of which will die from them yearly. There is good news though, eating disorders canbe beaten. "
  2. haveaheart's Home Page DEPRESSION: Understanding Suicidal Thoughts
  3. Hooper's Forensic Psychiatry
  4. Kaleidescope's Home Page This page contains links to Dissociation resources.
  5. Karra's Korner Links and resources for abuse survivors.
  6. Kathy's Essential Information about Trauma and Dissociation
  7. Linkup Homepage
  8. Magic Stream - Journal of Emotional Wellness a literary e-zine and mental health resource extensive links on topics, addictions, recovery, child abuse, fitness, nutrition, depression, family, etc.
  9. MedicineNet (TM) Home PageA FREE Medical Reference
  10. Mental Health Infosource A wide range of information, Associations, contacts and resources.
  11. Mental Health Net - Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine Index This guide has been developed to act as your starting point for exploring real-life support groups and networks that are available throughout the world and in your community.
  12. Mental Health Net - The Samaritans Home Page
  13. More Than Conquerors Safe Haven for Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors and/or those facing a Dissociative Condition such as Multiple Personalities.
  14. MPD and Dissociation Resources A list of books and other resources.
  16. National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Home Page As stated in their bylaws the mission of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill is "to eradicate mental illness and improve the quality of life of those affected by these diseases."
  17. Nielsen's Psychology of Religion PagesThis is a general introduction to the psychology of religion, Here you will find a description of what psychologists have learned about how religion influences people's lives.
  18. Non Mainstream Psychotherapy Resources Massive listing of non-traditional resources.
  19. On the road to Healing I am Kayjay,and I am on a journey, on a path, if you will, to healing. My goal is to be able to deal with my past in order that I can get on with my future.
  20. Online Psych Psych News, Info links, Resources and more.
  21. parentsurvivor's Home Page We are a group of Parents, Spouses, Family, and Friends all with one thing in common. Someone we love and care about has been sexually abused or raped. We support and learn from each other
  22. Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Home Page - Index.html a good "starting point" for mental/health professional as well as clients.
  23. Pointers to Resources on Trauma and Healing A list of WWW resources.
  24. Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page Index of Mental Health Resources on the internet and WWW. Live Chat, Links, reviews and more.
  25. Rainbow Bridge The Ritual Abuse & Healing Home Page. A place for survivors of Ritual and Ritualistic Abuse and those who love them.
  26. Resonate Spiritual/Transformational Site
  27. SADM: Sexual Abuse, Dissociation and Multiple Personality Disorder Group
  28. Sanctuary - telnet Telnet connection to The SANCTUARY
  29. SANCTUARY Home Page A MUD for survivors/victims of abuse, and other concerned people.
  30. secret shame This FAQ comes out of the authors own experience with self-mutilation.
  31. Self & Psychology Magazine a self-help resource.
  32. SELF-Therapy Training Program Includes "Relationship Analysis," a completely self-administered method for analyzing one's own relationship
  33. SIByl Home Page The Social Science Software Information Bank
  34. SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
  35. Something Fishy - If it smells bad, it ain't true! Great resource for dealing with eating disorders.
  36. SPIRIT DANCER: This site takes you on a spiritual journey.
  37. Suicide: Read This First Conversation with suicidal people from someone who understands what it feels like
  39. Survivors of the System: Foster Children United
  40. Survivorship Gateway An International Forum On Survival of Ritual Abuse, Torture & Mind Control
  41. Tesserae Tesserae is a multiple personality system. Please note that much of this material may be triggering to others who have been abused, please take care to monitor how these pages are affecting you, and keep yourselves safe.
  42. The BabeCave! A beautifully diverse site by a fellow survivor.
  43. The C.G. Jung Index Jungian resources on the internet: professional organizations, essays, links to other helpful sites and pages, and a picture archive
  44. The Completely Unofficial Cat & Co. Page we're dissociative, and trying to learn how to deal with it. Not always fun or easy, but it beats thinking you're crazy!
  45. The Cyberspace Stress Doc is IN! This website is devoted to stress management.
  46. .The Firewheel Vortex Views and resources from the vortex
  47. The International Society for the Study of Dissociation Be a part of the answer in the search for solutions to dissociative disorders.
  48. The Mental Health Education Page Site dedicated to removing the stigma of mental illness.
  49. The Purple Ribbon Project The Purple Ribbon Project (PRP) is a non-profit education and awareness effort dedicated to reducing violence in our society.
  50. The ShrinkTank BBS Web Site This site has lots of shareware and public domain psychology related software.
  51. The Survivor's Page This page is dedicated to all survivors of sexual abuse and rape. One of the purposes of this page is to let you know that you are NOT alone!
  52. The Wounded Healer Points of departure for psychotherapists and other survivors of abuse.
  53. TimePassages! Special Interest Group placing a primary focus on Dissociative Disorders. This is a virtual community for Survivors,Significant Others, and the Mental Health Professionals who provide support,services and assistance to Traumatic Childhood Abuse Survivors and their families.
  54. Web links for medical and mental health problems A page of related links.
  55. Web Psychological Club Web Psychological Club is a free resource for people interested in psychology, psychiatry and mental health in general.

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