The AHCA is another gubernatorial entity that perpetuates bureaucracy and hampers the economy of this nations we live in a free society with free enterprise and we do not need the government telling us that we have too many Hospitals in our community specially when the government as it stands is the very last one to act on behalf of the people and the least that they meddle with our private lives the better off we are as a nation.
One of the first mistakes and proof as abuse of power is what the AHCA has done in order to discredit me is trying to utilize Psychiatry against me. In a statement made by a certain Dr Roger Goetz who goes by the Eloquious title of " Director of the Physician's Recovery Network or PRN Consultant for AHCA " in all of his " opinionated wisdom " felt that this Nurse needed " AN IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXAMINATION ".......he also felt on his " opinionated wisdom " that me blowing the whistle was " Cruel and abusive treatment for those that seek help ".
Here is a physician that has never met me nor even worked with me stating that I should have my head examined for trying to warn former patients and future patients of an institution that their privacy is at jeopardy and that their records could be purchased by any one on a second hand shop.....
The use of this form of Psychiatry reminds me of the Oppressive Russian regime where's dissidents were classified " NUTS " and proper incarceration in mental hospitals along with psyhcotropics and Electric Shock Treatment would fix me......It would not surprise me if any kind of testing was ordered by the court's as they have tried to do was to be referred to a Charter Hospital sister facility and that the results would indicate that indeed I was " NUTS " and that I needed Immediate Emergency intake in order to "Help" me be a better person.....and of course I would miraculously be healed as soon as my insurance coverage was maxed out or until my mind was so clouded that I would not remember who or what is it that I stand for in the same manner as the Russians handy work.
If the above does not prove to any one the use and abuse of Psychology in today's society I do not know what will. There is a place in society for psychiatry and it does help many; however when the Government tries and uses Psychiatry against its citizens then it is time for all of us to say.. No way Jose. This is exactly what Jose say's to them Psychiatric examinations for standing up and being a patient advocate......NO WAY AHCA.....
I believe also that this " opinionated wisdom " of the " Director of the physicians..etc..etc.." has probably been used as a rubber stamped " opinionated wisdom " on many other health care providers whom unable to " fight " back or under other beliefs submitted themselves to this " ULTIMATE INVASION OF PRIVACY " just to get their lives back in order.

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If you read the minutes from Dec 10th 1997 you will see noted whereas the PRN-IPN program might had some merit at one time but the numbers do not lie and the way this " eloquious " persons prostitute their services in order to feed themselves at the misery of others. Is a crime that should not go unpunished either. I'm sure that sooner or later some one some whereas will do him as he has done to others. Perhaps when he is an old fart in a nursing home. The now son or daughter of some nurse that he screwed will give him the right kind of enema that his fat little body needs ( you should really see this guy in person ever see a pig waddle like a duck) Any ways it will not be long for him. I really pity him for what the Good lord got coming for him.


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