Is a Wife Responsible for her Husband's Mistakes?
It needs to be noted that not only was I subjugated to this kind of treatment but my wife was also submitted to this deposition taking and that her license also was attacked where she had to defend it. All of this pressure on her and being attacked when she had no involvement on the matter is deplorable and it is something that should be noted by all the Nurses out there. As a precedent this would mean that any Husband and Wife team could be attacked in this manner. It should be noted also that this threatens the fact of whistle blowing since by precedence also if a CO-worker blows the whistle then any one that works with that person can be also threatened as to the standing of their license. With all of this pressure building my spouse had to start taking tranquilizers. It was also decided that since I was such a great stress in her otherwise calm and laid back life. That this was something that she did not need to deal with and so we are now separated and a likely divorce. Still we do see eye to eye of who the enemy is for all of us working stiffs. After all is over and done perhaps we could grow back as to what we were. I sure hope so.!

This also can be said for roommates or significant other that live with or in other living arrangements.

Will you be next....?? Tell the AHCA no way Jose. Remind the Fla. Atty. General that one person does not pay for another's problems. Write to what ever Nurse's organization or other Professional group that you belong to and tell them that this type of precedent needs to be nipped on the bud. ( link's can be found on the link's sections )

Webmaster's Comments.

This is an issue that the feminist movement really needs to keep in mind since it shows how the mindset and policies of " the System " still condones a female due to her social status v/s actual actions. Where will it lead? Where does it stop.? Of course this should outrage any one that has a justice and civil rights oriented type of mind. The issue is equality.!! The issue is proper accountability.!! The emotional cost and the actual price paid for defending herself are definitely not warranted under any circumstances by a citizen of a free nation such as ours is supposed to be.

  This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. ESPECIALLY in my place!!

E-Mail Address for Nursing Organizations

Email Address for US Senate………………

E-Mail Address for US House of Representatives


Is a BEAR of a job but if you like you can also reach the whole Nation trough the air ways via Radio and TV Links


We the people can make changes.!!

And if you E-Mail these Journalists will help us all.


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