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To: All...Concerned... Patient's...Hospital Worker's..News Media....

Subj: Information Sheet regarding my Protest against Charter Hospital.

URGENT NOTE: all of this has now been moved to June 26th 0900 at orange county Judge Adams chambers in order to shut me up..!! OR TROW ME IN JAIL..!!

Greetings; This information sheet is made in the hope on shedding some light on the reasons for Me a Registered Nurse to bring this type of protest public:

I bought a used computer on a Local Second hand Shop...." The opportunity Center" in Kissimmee when I went home and plugged it up I found confidential information regarding Psychiatric patient's on it on further research on this computer I found out that the data was regarding Patient's and all other type of information such as incident report's and minutes for Meeting's that had taken place at Charter Hospital. I was shocked that this could be and then I remembered that this hospital was being investigated for alleged fraud and other unethical practices such as tricking patient's for treatment until their insurance money ran out.

Please See:


Published on 08/02/96, The U.S. Justice Department Thursday sued Charter Hospital Orlando South,

Alleging that the Kissimmee psychiatric hospital defrauded the federal government by admitting hundreds of elderly patients who did not need treatment.


Published on 12/09/96, A 26-year-old student who answered an ad for free depression counseling

Ended up spending most of Thanksgiving week locked up in a mental hospital.

3. Charter Behavioral Health Systems, Inc, is the nations largest investor owned behavioral

Health care system. As a part of Magellan Health Services, Inc. Charter Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.

3414 Peachtree Rd, NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, Georgia

I proceeded to call all local law enforcement agency's to report this find so that justice might prevail, I received the run around from every one so I was forced to contact the local news media since they had reported this. The news agency's did cover the story on all three major network's and then all hell broke loose not against the perpetuator of this breech of privacy or alleged fraudulent practices.... But of all people against me the person that was trying to protect the patient's privacy and Taxpayer's money.

It seems that the hospital in order to take the blame from them with all of their high paying lawyer's are trying to shift the blame on me and have accused me personally for spreading around patient information.

They even went as far as making a complaint against me that resulted on my temporary suspension of my Nurse's license.

Please See:

1.The Orlando Sentinel Wednesday January 29th 1997 Business Section B-1 and B-4

2. The Orlando Sentinel Friday Jan 31 1997 Business Section B-1 Judge reverses hospital order

3. The Orlando Sentinel Business section B-1 Nurse's license suspended

I want every one to know that I have always protected patient confidentiality and this was my main concern when I found this information I could not believe that a institution designed to protect patient's rights would just sell of their used computer and make Confidential Information available to any one that purchased the computer. ( I bought it for $20.00 Buck's ) That is how much hundred's of patient's personal information is worth I guess. Please know that I will not reveal any patient's personal information and have not done so

I'm a caring Nurse and I do believe in your right to privacy.!! I care. That is why I'm involved on this present protest...!! As a nurse I care for people individually not like some National propagated entities with millions of dollar's to whom you are only a number.

To this date I have not yet received help from any one on the Government in order to protect your rights and I will certainly will be overcome by this Multi-Million dollar Company and it's high paying lawyer's unless I get some help.

The news media have stopped helping me spread the word due to the Hospital suing them and then making a private agreement of mutual cooperation. Even though I have not seen that agreement I can only think that those avenues are being closed to me in order to reach the public.

Please See:


A state judge has ordered an Osceola County man and three Orlando television stations to stop releasing information about

Patients of Charter Hospital Orlando South.

2. - JUDGE REVERSES HOSPITAL ORDER Orlando Sentinel 01/31/97, A state judge Thursday reversed an order aimed at barring three Orlando TV stations from broadcasting patient records of Charter Hospital Orlando South. The reversal, however, hinges on WESH-Channel 2, WFTV-Channel 9 and WCPX-Channel 6 cooperating with the psychiatric hospital in Kissimmee.

I'm the little guy left holding the bag and will get run over if I do not get some help soon. Please I need you to help me and here is how you can do so:

Call the Hospital: 1-800-242-7838 or Fax 1-407-846-4216 ask questions and do not accept bogus reply's or misleading information. I'm willing to talk about it with any one that has questions after they call the Hospital.

Their attorney's:

Stephen J Calvacca 38 E. Pine St Orlando Fla. 32801 Fax 407-425-8900 Voice 407-425-0746

Matt G Firestone 108 South Court Ave Orlando Fla. Fax 407-425-8900 Voice 407-872-6232

Call your local representative's and Health care agency's:

HRS-- 1-800-447-8477. The Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation. 1-708-916-5800. Call the Attorney General's Office 1-954-712-4600.

Call the Agency for Health Care Administration 1-904-487-9662.

Ask all of them why is Jose being left holding the bag and the Hospital not being punished.

The Judge: The Honorable Judge John H Adams Sr. Circuit Court of the 9th Judicial for Orange Co. Florida 37 North Orange Ave Orlando Fla. 32801 Phone 407-836-2281.....Fax 407-836-2299 ( Neutral )

Call the local news media: ask them why they are no longer covering this issue and if the Hospital big shot attorney's intimidates them.



Real Radio FM 104.1 1-800-443-1401 or 1-407-628-4104 or Fax 1-407-628-5872

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Channel 2 -News 1-407-539-7878 or fax 1-407-539-7948

Channel 6 -News 1-407-291-6000 or Fax 1-407-298-2122

Channel 9 -News 1-407-841-9000 or Fax 1-407-294-8372

Telemundo ( Spanish TV ) 1-407-647-4777 Fax 1-407-931-5959.

WKCF Channel 18 ..................WMFE Channel 24.............WOFL Channel 35

WACX Channel 55 .................WRBW Channel 65


Kissimmee News Gazette 1-407-846-7000 Fax 1-407-933-6856.

Osceola Sentinel 1-407-931-5930 or Fax 1-407-931-5959.

Orlando Sentinel 1-407-420-5411 or Fax 1-407-420-5350.

CFCS - Central Florida Computer SocietyNewsletter..............Orlando Business Journal

Obviously I do not mind being public in my effort's but I can not do as much unless you call and ask your own question's. Feel free to investigate the information provided on this information sheet that is what it is for. I'm fighting for you...!!!

SPECIAL INTEREST: If you know of any one that has had problem's with Charter Hospital I would like to know your horror story. This is not a Single incident of wrong doing by this Organization on a National Scale and there are other's in other States that are trying to piece this puzzle together. Mental Health should not be Mental Hell.

I need help badly I really do not know how much a man can take......I have lost my Job, Lost my Health, Lost my wife, Lost my reputation, Lost faith on the Government, Lost faith on the News, My credit cards are maxed out, I'm about to loose my home, I'm beginning to loose faith on my self and my dog just died four day's ago...... I feel helpless, Hopeless, could use some Mental Health but can't seek it since I could be labeled as a nut and Charter Hospital controls most of the psychiatric health agency's on the area and the nation. Honestly how much can a man take..!!! From what I know of psychiatric nursing I have achieved the greatest amount of stress that any one can handle and beyond that. I hope that there is an end to it all soon.

Thank you

Respectfully submitted a Real Nurse That Really Cares.



Jose N Proenza Sanfiel. Fla. RN License # 2523862

( Currently wrongfully suspended ).


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A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I first did the protest Back in July of 97 but the groove remains the same.

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