This Web site has been created in order to assist other health care professionals and average Joe's and Jane's out here to avoid some of the same problems that I have experienced as a health care Provider and concerned citizen. ( under construction )
It is my hope that the sharing of my experience's will prevent some of the very hard and difficult pitfalls that have virtually destroyed all that I care for and have so hard tried to achieve in the pursuit of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
I recognize that I have lead a kind of life that it is not as rich in multiple experiences as many and that many a times my Ideals and expectations have brought hardships and hard realizations to the fact that all of life is not a bowl of cherries: However I have lead a life in which I could look at my self on the mirror and say..... You have made a difference and can blame it all on having done it YOUR WAY......
As far as I'm concerned I could die tomorrow and will have few regrets. I believe that the simple fact that I served in the US Marine Corps and that I was discharged honorably from the same as a Non-Commissioned officer speaks enough as to my character and determination beyond that I more than proud to the fact that I pursued my life's ambition of giving to this world more than I have received in the way's of selfish giving as represented in my education of the health field and becoming a Registered Nurse.
I salute both of those that share and have shared my major accomplishments in life the US Marines and the Nurses of the entire world.
I guess that you could say that I'm a rare bird....and that I have done a small feat not shared by many even though I consider myself an average Joe and at the same time a Very special person I seek nothing more from this world than what every one else wishes for a roof over my head, a bite to eat, some folk's that I can consider as loving companions and the pursuit of happiness.
I say that I'm a rare kind of rare bird due to the fact that I have reached a plateau that sets me apart from other human beings. As a former US Marine I was a perfect killing machine a " professional killer " honed and molded into that equality of thousands that bear the title of an " Elite " group of human being's whose job of keeping peace and the protection of life is hard enough regardless of what other's in our society might wish to think Peace and justice are a very hard endeavor and it is the professional fighting man that cherishes this more than any one else.
I say that I'm a rare kind of rare bird due to the fact that I became a Registered Nurse some one that by all of it's standards begins this journey with an altruistic type of outlook that goes beyond the self....all of those that have ever been subjected to the hurt and pain of disease and adversities of life can attest to the fact that a GOOD NURSE can make a world of difference whereas the most difficult times of life and that same Nurse is able to change the whole world by his or her actions.....helping in a delivery of a brand new life...staying the life of the head of a household from the call of " The Reaper " at mid life.......or being at the beside and holding the hand of a patient that has lead a full life but who is afraid of the unknown as they breath their last.
I say that I'm a rare kind of rare bird due to the fact that I have gone around the circle of life or what some call the Ying-Yang of life from a " Professional Killer " to a " Professional Healer " yet still I wish to remain humble enough to have left in this world nothing but memories and footsteps.
I seems though that life is not over for me and that there are many unexplored experiences left in this shell that so many know as Jose N Proenza Sanfiel.
What follows is an experience that I wish no other human might have to go trough and with that intent I will share with you the following experience. You be the Judge. I leave it up to you to make your mind and to take any actions that you might see appropriate condemn me or praise me, just don't let the same thing happen to you simply out of ignorance or naiveté. At the very least I can say that I tried to TELL YOU SO.... by this medium called communication which in reality is the only thing that separates us from the SAVAGE ANIMAL THAT LURKS BENEATH OUR HUMANITY.
This Chapter of many in my life begins and follows this path. Come with me and share the experience.
( PLEASE follow the story closely and pay attention to detail in order to make this whole story worth while remembering that I'm spilling my gut's out to you a perfect stranger and that I have tried to be truthful to the best of my abilities and circumstances )
One day in my life as I have done many a day's I visited a " Thrift Shop " as I have done hundreds of times there I bought a CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) . I can not really remember how much I paid for it. I do not even have a receipt to prove this yet I do have the testimony of many a good folk's of the fact that this was usual behavior for me.
I took the computer (CPU) home and left it on the shelf until ready to be worked on. I like to thinker with this electronic monster's and I have been know to give well programmed and working computer's to churches and at a minimal price sell them to families that otherwise would have taken year's to bring this development tool to their children ( I remember my material improvised upbringing ALWAYS ).
WELL I finally had time to start dealing with this electronic monster so that I might tame it to bring joy and further development of communicating skills to some one in the world......
OK here we go get the machine on the work table and begin the task of dissecting or piecing together......Wow here is a break not much wrong with this machine technically wise everything seems to work OK all the light comes on no odd or funky beep's indicating trouble......ahh what is this the hard drive will not boot: Place bootable disk on drive A: the monster say's.
Easily done> a:\
Ahhhhh good Click click click...........C:
I gave the command of Dir. ( Directory ) and on the way happy computing I was going......EXE this and EXE that command.......nothing just the average program's word processor's and database protocol's.......Hey this hard drive is near full and lot's of information in it.........WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION....let's look.....
Ohhhhhh...POOP...... I cant believe what my eyes see.......this information is confidential my trained Nurses eyes tell me......My work on the Psychiatric field can not believe what I see..... patient's names addresses phone numbers and other personal information flashes across my eyes.....this is not possible I say.... there are no passwords there is no type of security in this in the world can any one place electronic data of such importance in electronic format and not protect it with a few simple strokes or readily available encrypting software or at least a password.......Here is information about incident report's....Medical error's policy standards an procedures.....this is definitely negligent behavior no one should have access to this data especially from a second hand shop...!!!
I look further and a Name flashes before my eyes......Charter Hospital......Hey I know that place.. I have worked there a few times as an agency relief Nurse........Wow wait a minute the old gray matter say's... do your few working neurons don't recall that this " Hospital " is being investigated by the US Government for milking the Medicaid and Medicare system for millions of dollar's. Surely the neurons say you remember now don't you....!!! On the News that is where you got the information there was a report of wrong doing by the Hospital.........
Ohhh my gosh what should I do........I'm a Tax Payer my money is being sucked dry by some unscrupulous entity...well it ain't no way have here evidence that can bring that money back to the community perhaps they can spend it on that old and decrepit shelter for children's.......( this might upset the fact that in Osceola Co. an animal shelter was built for nearly a million dollars for cat's and dogs ) yet the Osceola Co home for kids roof still leaks, the children might get a break. Think about it, they can always use some dough ok?
OK.. lets see what is up with this the hospital is in Kissimmee so let's call the KPD ( Kissimmee Police Department ) ......Ring...Ring..... Hi there....Could I speak with some one on investigations......OK.. Hi there listen I do not want to give my name but I need to know if there is any investigations being done in regards to Fraud by Charter Hospital in Kissimmee.....( small talk asking pertinent information )..... Well we do not have jurisdiction on that The Osceola County Sheriff's is the number....
Ring....Ring....Hi could I speak to the investigations department........just a minute....Investigations.....Yeah I want to find out if there are any investigations being conducted on Charter Hospital in Kissimmee I got a computer that has all kind of information on it.......No that is not our responsibility ... you probably need to call the District Attorney's want the thanks I can get it from the phone book..... no it does not matter here it is.......OK....thanks....
Ring......Ring.....Hello hi listen I need to speak with whom ever is in charge of investigations.......Small to what I wanted.....I'm not sure who can help... well please let me speak to the office manager.....that person can't help you now they are busy...( or words to that effect ). ...But if you want to report any kind of fraud like that you better contact the HRS or the abuse Hot line......Do you know the I do not think that I have it.... can you please look.....OK I will see OK Here it is call them....
Ring.......Ring.......this is the HRS abuse hot line...blahhhh...blahhh..blahhh... push and so for this or that....let's push operator and see........Yeahhh...hi could I speak to some one about...a investigation or such regarding the milking of Tax money trough Medicaid..... OK.. talk to me .... Well I got this computer that has all kinds of information and will probably be useful in order to recuperate our tax money.....So what is your name....I'm sorry but I want to keep that confidential until I can speak to the right person.........Look her if you do not want to Identify yourself.... you can call the folk's locally in your area here is number.......Hey what about just giving me the person that takes care of this kind of things...... Nawhh it's best if you call this number in your area........OK...thanks......
Ring.....Ring...... This is the Children and elderly abuse line information hot need to call back during office hour's no one is here at this time.....( or words to that effect )........
Ahhhhghhhhh...shoot this is getting me no where's the Government and its agency's do not know who is what or what is what as usual........Hey... the news folk's know what is going on.... let's ask them I got all the number's ....
Ring.....Ring..... Hello Channel Nine could I please speak to Mr. Frolick.......the investigative reporter......he is not here can I help you.....well I have this computer......ETC......ahhh.....OK....Well we really are not interested...thanks any way's........
Ring......Ring.....Hello News Room......yes could I please speak to the investigative reporter........Well I can transfer you to the voice mail.....can I help you.......Well I got this computer........ETC..... Yeahhh it sounds good but we can't help interest.........
Ring......Ring......This Is Channel Two can we help you.......The News room or the Consumer reporter please
or if you can connect me with.....Greg Fox Please.......well Greg is not here I can give you his voice mail......
No I really need to talk to some one.....I just know Greg from previous contact's.....Well can I help you.....
OK listen I got this computer and ETC...... no it does not sound like it will be something that we will be interested in....thanks any way's....
Ohhhh well I hope that some one call's back.......
Ring.....Ring..... Shalom..!!...( Hello or peace in Yiddish ).........yeahh.. this is channel six you called in regards to a computer.....yeahh...this is the story......Excuse me for a second please Call waiting is on......Shalom... Yes this is Channel Nine....regarding the story about the computer........well you can forget it I have Channel Six on the line and they will do the story.....Do you live at the same address in POW/MIA Memorial Dr......Yes well do not worry we will beat them to it........Click.... OK... I'm sorry that was another......TV station they were interested on the story.........Hey don't worry we will come if you can wait for us ( or word's to that effect....)....Click.. Hanging up.
Ring......Ring.....Shalom.....Yes This is Channel Two you had called regarding a news story about Charter Hospital and a Computer....???...... Yes I called but no need to worry the other two networks are responding so it's OK.......What do you mean.... I mean that there are some reporter's coming over to do the Story...... Well you know that is not fair you playing one station against another.......I'm sorry but I'm not playing anything I called everybody and no one was interested but all of the sudden every body is interested..... Well do you mind if we come too.... No problem.....I will be here but please do so quickly because I have to go to Miami to work and otherwise I will be running late.... No we will send some one out as soon as possible I think some one is on their way now.......We have your address....
Hi there I'm Richard Frolick from Channel Nine we would like to do the story Where is the computer,.
Hi here it is.....Now you said you bought this where......I bought it at the " Osceola opportunity Center " a second hand shop...and how much did you pay for it....I'm not sure but I have never paid more than $20.00 bucks for any of the stuff I bought there so I must say $20.00. Well how did you know that the information there is part of Charter Hospital information.....Well what I need to know is if there is an Investigation being made about the place.....I don't know right now but I will look in this matter for you...... Hey say we need to look at the information to make sure that it is Charter's information and the patient's.....OK but you need to know that my concern is that this information is confidential and it can not be shown to the public.....Ohh is OK I just need to know that it is for real......what we will do is we will blur the information....turning to cameraman is that right..?? We can blur the information so people will not be able to read it.....Yeah Sure.
Ohhh.....Just a minute here is Channel Six...News......( Pleasantry's exchanged ) ..then Same Basic questions and responses.........along with acknowledgment of blurring of confidential information.
Ohhh...Just a minute here is channel Two News......We have every body here now........( Pleasantry's Exchanged by news groups ) again the same basic questions.........and answers.....along with acknowledgment of blurring of confidential information.
A few minutes later my wife came home for lunch from work expecting me to be gone to Miami to work and in order to let our pet dog ( Sniffles ) for his Mid-day bladder relief period. She was surprised that I was home and all the crowd along I was talking to two of the news crews one of the reporter's approached her and asked whether she was my wife and what she thought about this.....I believe that she told them that this was as big as a surprise to her as it was to them since she did not know about this and that she needed to get on with her lunch period entering the house ( we were on the garage area ).
I excused myself for a moment and went in the house to tell my wife what was happening and she said something about this not being a good idea or a dumb news story and just why the heck I was not gone to Miami and that if I waited any later I would be late for work..... I assured her that I will be moving swiftly and that we were almost done.
I went back to the garage and found one of the reporters jotting information down from the computer....( I had left it on a screen saver ) and I told him that he should not be doing that and to please stop which he did....
As Channel Nine crew was living I stated also that my identity also needed to be kept anonymous due to the fact that since I work at all the local hospitals I might be blackballed for being a whistle blower and the fact that we were dealing with psychiatric patients and we did not know whether any might be violent or with aberrant behavior ( I know that most Psych patients are good people with mental Health problems and not monsters but there is always that 10% in everything ..!!)...the reporter said ohh well if you wanted that also you should of told us on the beginning......I said well sorry but I 'm telling you now and the very valid reason why..!!...Some reluctance and then confidentiality agreed upon.
Channel Six...Finished their interview and left..........also with he knowledge of animosity and confidentiality.
Channel Two reporter Greg Fox stuck around just a little bit longer and made some phone calls as he was talking on the phone he beckoned to me and said that he had some one from the Agency on Health Care Administration on the line and if I would talk to them. Since this was the reason that I had contacted the news media to begin with ( in order to find out who was responsible in the government ) I said sure.
That person a lady started talking to me and asked if I was willing to identify my self. I said sure since now I was under the impression that this was the person that would help me do the right thing. I gave all of my pertinent information and continued talking with her explaining the situation I was faberglasted as to her direction.....Give the computer back to Charter hospital.....I refused to this due to the fact that if I did so then the information would not be reviewed by the government in order to recuperate my tax money....she then handed the phone over to a gentleman that claimed to be an attorney and that said that I could not disseminate the patient information. I reassured him that I was not going to do so and that I understood that the patient information was confidential and had so advised the news media. The gentleman in turn turned me over to the Lady and she told me to give her the computer instead since she had told me that she would give it back to Charter Hospital I refused and also refused due to the fact that I was late leaving for work and could not wait around for some one to come and get the computer anyway's. The lady proceeded to " order me " to give the computer to my wife so that she could give it to them.... I flatly refused stating that she was not involved in this matter and that I was the one that was dealing with the problem besides that she was a nurse also and I did not want to jeopardize her integrity. Another issue was that my wife knows nothing about computer's and that I had so many around the garage that it would be hard for her to know which one it was...... The lady proceeded to ask me my wife's name and I gave it to her since that is common information and I did not see anything odd about this ( little did I know and would find out later how this small information was to affect me ).
I broke off the communication and prepared myself for travel leaving shortly there after.
I worked in Miami for a couple of day's and received a call from a representative of the AHCA ( Agency for the Health Care Administration. As we talked he said that if I did not cooperate that they would suspend my license and that I better get on the ball.....I proceeded to inform him that his threats did not scare me and that I was not only a Registered nurse in good standing but that I also was an " a Former Marine and Activist that I did not take threat's lightly " and that if what they wanted a fight over this that they would find out that if I was stepped on that I would " sting them "...I told him that he could see just what kind of activist I was by checking with the offices of Representative Irlo " Bud " Bronson and the offices of Senator Connie Mack since I had been involved with them on issues regarding the POW/MIA's and that they would be well aware of my tenacity at fighting adversity.
This Gentleman told me where was it that I was living in Miami and I told him that I did not want to identify where I was working and staying due to the fact that I did not want any hassles....I did inform him of my current mailing address and the fact that I had a beeper that could be used to call me if necessary.......
The next day after thinking about all this that was going on I decided that it was going just too far with them threatening to suspend my Nurses license and that I had enough hassles so I figured I call the Hospital and set up a meeting for my return of the computer since the government position was to hurt me and no one had spoken about addressing the matter with the Hospital who had screwed up to begin with.
I called Corporate Headquarters for Charter and ask to speak with some one regarding this issue I was turned over to a lady that then turned me over to another lady a Mrs. Everett.....I proceeded to explain to her that the government was being " Butt's " about this issue and that since the computer did belong to them they might as well get it.... I also explained to her that I had paid for the computer and that I would expect to get paid for it back...... I also told her that there were other cost involved and that I would have to be paid for that also.....
At that time she started to tell me that what I was doing was black mail and that I wanted to get money from them and that they were not going to pay anything...... I tried to tell her that I simply wanted any gas money, tolls and time lost from work but she kept on with the theme of black mail.... is specifically told her then that she was being as much of a " butt " as the government and that I really did not want to talk to her anymore so I ended the communication.
I worked that night and on my lunch break as I was walking the hall of the hospital I noticed a FBI agent whom was guarding a Federal prisoner there I spoke to him for a moment and he said , why don't you call the main office and gave me a phone number to call. I did so and spoke to an agent at length about the problem ( a Lady ) she listened and asked me some questions and I also asked her if the case resulted on a recovery for the tax money whether I would be eligible for a reward of some type. She said that I might needless to say she was unable to inform me either if there was an ongoing investigation as to regards of this Hospital but that she would try to find out for me.....even after a couple of other call's at later dates this was not to be so but she was also interested in getting custody of the computer.
The next day or so I was called by my wife scared and confused cause she had received a summons to court for depositions and discovery of information in an Expedited matter.....So I had to cancel a weeks worth of work in order to tend to this matter.
I got home and since I had not received any response from the Government yet and upon further research found out the reporter that had initially written the article ( it had been Newspaper not television ) so I contacted this Reporter I proceeded to explain to her the situation and she said that she was somewhat familiar with the news due to the TV reporting of this issue. I requested of her also to please keep my identity anonymous to the public and responded to all of her questions.....Next day Lord and behold not only had this reporter ignored my request to keep my identity confidential but she misquoted me terribly on things that we had discussed as simple hypothesis...... I immediately called her and wrote her about this to what she said that since there was a case on court that the information was public and that she did not need to keep it I had to worry about having the possibility of upset Psychiatric patients seeking me out to get their information or any other thought in their minds also something that was confidential up to this point was made available to all of the area hospitals so that I may be tagged as a Whistle blower and denied work for some flimsy excuse....!! I wrote to her Editor and never did receive any response and the phone call's remained also without response.
The deposition time came and I had no attorney to represent me since I had no money and also since I figured that the government would be glad to have some one there to protect my right and those of the tax payer's. Well friends I got to the appointed place and was told that the deposition had been moved next door. Hahhh next door turned to be a block and a half with me lugging the computer on my shoulder......when I got there I was seated on a table in one end and at the other a Large television camera and a bright light as in the interrogation rooms of a Gestapo chamber. All around me I was surrounded by attorney's ( 10 ) I believe.
I was begun to be grilled with questions and since I had no attorney I decided that I best claim my Name and address and for the rest I best claim the 5th Amendment. This infuriated the attorneys for charter and was told that I could not do that and that we needed to go to the Judges chambers and that I better come along. I went with them but it turned out that the court was about three city blocks and I was to carry the heavy computer with me... I did so and had to stop along the way several times when I got there I was told that I could not proceed since I had a nail clipper with a small blade on it ( original and dull ) I was told also that the other knife that I had with me was not allowed either ( a miniature replica of a butterfly knife about 1 1/2 inches ) I was told that I could not leave it there either until I got back and that I would have to go back to my car... I was already exterted from the heavy computer haul and was so concerned about being held in contempt of court along with the " Gestapo room " that I started to have chest pains and decided to sit for a second one of the security guards called " 911 " and I was taken to the hospital where I was found to be on a tachycardic episode and a thereat to my life.....I was admitted to the Coronary Care Unit there and kept for four day's with tests and was decided that the immense pressure that I had been submitted to brought this on.
It needs to be noted that not only was I subjugated to this kind of treatment but my wife was also submitted to this deposition taking and that her license also was attacked where she had to defend it. All of this pressure on her and being attacked when she had no involvement on the matter is deplorable and it is something that should be noted by all the Nurses out there since as a precedent this would mean that any Husband and Wife team could be attacked in this manner. It should be noted also that this threatens the fact of whistle blowing since by precedence also if a CO-worker blows the whistle then any one that works with that person can be also threatened as to the standing of their license. With all of this pressure building my spouse had to start taking tranquilizer's and it was also decided that since I was such a great stressor in her otherwise calm and laid back life that this was something that she could not deal with and so we are now separated and on the way to divorce.
Now the saga continues I visited the " Osceola Opportunity Center Thrift shop " again and bought me another computer ( I did get a hand written receipt this time -- Who say's you cant teach an old dog new trick's) . I got home and started working on the computer .....It had no problem really all it needed was just configuring to the appropriate hardware on the BIOS and presto it cranked right up. I looked in the root directory and you guessed it...!!.>??? There was a file ( the first one I saw ) it was called... Sheriff...!!
Ohhhh poop not one of the sheriff's computer.....and since the hard drive was almost full I nearly went wee-wee on my pants. I looked further and to my relief it was not the Sheriff's Computer.....but I still had to groan the computer belonged to another County Agency.. that deal's with Psychiatric related matter's and in it also had information about people being fired and the reasons for it along with memos and all other type of information of a confidential nature.......I figured that the good Lord had placed this other machine in my hands for a purpose so I approached the Judge that is dealing with my case....but in accordance to him this is not anything that concerns the court.......
I called the News agencies and told them but since they had gotten in trouble ( Charter Placed them on the law suit also ) none of the News stations responded to this new development on the story. So I alone is the one that has to fight this case of incompetence on the " Computer Literate " people in my community. I mean just the fact that here was another computer with classified information in it would of been a good story that could of Educate the public as to the need of public agency's or business to erase their hard disks when getting rid of them the general public also could of been alerted of the pitfalls that could happen if they got on the same predicament...Well no taker's here.
My request of coverage of this important issue also fell on deaf ear's by the Reporter that does the Computer section of the Newspaper ( The Orlando Sentinel ) at least I did not get any response from him. By the way the reporter that did the write up on the paper did so on the business section of the paper and there was never anything mentioned as to the human impact of this case just the money part of it all....amazing ain't it...??? A story such as this that affects so many lives and all that is reflected is the monetary impact for a corporation.
Well.. ... the can of warms continues to yield its nasty content...........
In desperation and seeing that I was all alone on this fight I decided to mount a demonstration in front of the hospital and requested a permit to carry on the demonstration. I must say that this part of the process went fairly smooth and that I received the help of the Kissimmee Police Department and City Hall in an efficient and timely manner.
I Proceeded to start my demonstration making sure that the Local News media was aware of my efforts by making News releases prior and on a daily basis of the demonstration......after five day's I did not receive a single inquiry as to my progress or any interviews.. I did get the attention of the Hospital administration a very sneaky way at first was a visit from a man that said he owned the property where I had my truck parked who told me in no uncertain terms to move the vehicle from there that it was disturbing him ( this is a bare two acre lot...!!! He denied being called by any one but I 'm certain that indeed he was called.
I must also make mention that the Kissimmee police Department did show up also by my request on the second day by my request in order to establish just exactly where could I park my truck and the specific's of my limit towards the protest area....there was a doubtful area and the Sergeant that did respond was very professional and even had a city engineer come and verify my protest area.....This Veteran officer of the KPD did demonstrate professionalism and duty when he specifically informed me and the Hospital Administrator that I was within my Constitutional rights in doing what I was doing. Peacefully and in an orderly manner. My hat off to him and his department on this one....!!! I salute you.
Then came the administrator of the Hospital and the attorney personally ( the attorney's office is over 15 miles away ) and they wanted me to get out of there and expressed a willingness to talk about settling the case but of course with the warning that if I did not that they would then make me pay for their attorney's fees. I told them and they reassured me that indeed they were serious about resolving the issue so please take up your signs and go home. They sounded sincere so I did pick up my signs and left as agreed within 24 hours I had a response or a letter for settlement.....such letter or agreement was a cruel joke in itself with all the legalities involved it wanted me to practically hang myself by giving them the rope and all other materials needed to go along with the lynching ( the signing of affidavits and depositions etc. would be shared with the AHCA and if I agreed to do such settlement that information could be held against me ).
Folk's right now I just need to remind you that this is a complicated case and that it is not just one but two rolled into one with two VERY BIG BOY'S TRYING TO SWALLOW ME WHOLE. So I hope that I do not confuse you or loose you along the way.
Now all trough out this time I have tried to contact the powers to be in order to get some one to officially look at the data on the computer and also to talk to me as a witness to the problems in this Hospital. I still got the same run around on this matter.
Getting a bit tired of this I contacted the Attorney General of the State of Florida explaining my frustration in getting some one to talk to me about the evidence that I have and the things I know also as to my wish that he personally get some action rolling regarding this incident .....about a week later I received a call from an investigator from the ATTY. GEN. office I talked to him and repeated what I had said on the letter.....OK ..... we will get back in touch with you he said......true to his word about another week later I received a letter that informed me that I could not be helped because I had released patient data of a confidential nature ( I never released any data ) and I was sent a copy of the whistler blowers law that in all reality did not pertain to my case since I was not a direct employee of Charter Hospital.
Again I wrote back and explained the discrepancy as to my original complaint and their perceived opinion encountered on this letter.
One week passes by and I receive a letter from the ATTY. GEN. office representative of two paragraphs stating on the first. We understand that you have been having problems with the reporting of violations of certain nature's trough some agencies.....etc.....Then on the second paragraph below are some telephone numbers for you to contact the agencies that you can report any wrong doing.
That letter is simple proof as to the usual run around and redundancy of governmental ineptness.... I was tempted to write back with the simple words...... " In reference to your letter dated ......... I will like to pint out that paragraph Number One Negates paragraph Number Two " . I decided against it since there would be no sense in wasting another postage stamp and anyway's it just might confuse them too much.
All trough out this time the AHCA has had my Nurses license ( 5 months going to six ) in hold as an Emergency suspension and they contacted me charging me with every possible count that they can think of in order to have something stick regardless of guilt on my part or not.
I would like to point to the reader that the AHCA has been trying to persecute me not for my actions. What the Agency is trying to do is punish me for " dearing to stand up and say no to them ". Also another reason that I have discovered is the fact that the State Government is trying to restructure this area of Health care and I firmly believe that I'm being used as a sacrificial lamb in order to justify their worth to the people of the state and as a form of job security or justification.
If this was not so and the AHCA was a real body of the government that cared about the people they would of slapped Charter Hospital with all types of violations and lifted their license also or held their accreditation's for a certain amount of time.......But Nooo..!!! nothing of the type has occurred could it be that since this Agencies main job is to ( of all things ) ensure that there are enough hospital's to go around and that it is them whom all the big corporations have to go crawling to in order to justify the building of a new Hospital any whereas...??? I wish I knew some investigator with deep pockets that could look into the life's and bank accounts of this governmental body and see if there is any spikes of income or trips etc. that leads to corruption...???
The AHCA is another gubernatorial entity that perpetuates bureaucracy and hampers the economy of this nations we live in a free society with free enterprise and we do not need the government telling us that we have too many Hospitals in our community specially when the government as it stands is the very last one to act on behalf of the people and the least that they meddle with our private lives the better off we are as a nation.
One of the first mistakes and proof as abuse of power is what the AHCA has done in order to discredit me is trying to utilize Psychiatry against me. In a statement made by a certain Dr Roger Goetz who goes by the Eloquious title of " Director of the Physician's Recovery Network or PRN Consultant for AHCA " in all of his " opinionated wisdom " felt that this Nurse needed " AN IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EXAMINATION ".......he also felt on his " opinionated wisdom " that me blowing the whistle was " Cruel and abusive treatment for those that seek help ".
Here is a physician that has never met me nor even worked with me stating that I should have my head examined for trying to warn former patients and future patients of an institution that their privacy is at jeopardy and that their records could be purchased by any one on a second hand shop.....
The use of this form of Psychiatry reminds me of the Oppressive Russian regime where's dissidents were classified " NUTS " and proper incarceration in mental hospitals along with psyhcotropics and Electric Shock Treatment would fix me......It would not surprise me if any kind of testing was ordered by the court's as they have tried to do was to be referred to a Charter Hospital sister facility and that the results would indicate that indeed I was " NUTS " and that I needed Immediate Emergency intake in order to "Help" me be a better person.....and of course I would miraculously be healed as soon as my insurance coverage was maxed out or until my mind was so clouded that I would not remember who or what is it that I stand for in the same manner as the Russians handy work.
If the above does not prove to any one the use and abuse of Psychology in today's society I do not know what will. There is a place in society for psychiatry and it does help many; However when the Government tries and uses Psychiatry against its citizens then it is time for all of us to say.. No way Jose. This is exactly what Jose say's to them Psychiatric examinations for standing up and being a patient advocate......NO WAY AHCA.....
I believe also that this " opinionated wisdom " of the " Director of the physicians..etc..etc.." has probably been used as a rubber stamped " opinionated wisdom " on many other health care providers whom unable to " fight " back or under other beliefs submitted themselves to this " ULTIMATE INVASION OF PRIVACY " just to get their lives back in order.
In continuation with my treks of this intriguing and frightening experience......against " DADDY BIG BUCKS = Charter Hospital = Magellan group " and governmental ineptness compounded by I'm frightened Newscaster's. Here is the following.
I have approached the Charter administration several times ( five ) in order to have them stop the persecution of my person and my wife to no avail every time that I have made an attempt to do so I have been either misquoted, misinterpreted or my words used out of context to continue the assault on me and my spouse ( the little fish ) while at the same time the Big Boy's Television stations have been getting dropped off the law suit after certain arrangements or deals worked out by them that of course have left me out in the cold.
As I have tried to be truthful to you in this presentation I will tell you this now I have been pushed too far I have been standing on principles and right too long with no one at my side.... now it is a simple standing of basic economic survival....I'm about to loose my home and the property that I have been paying on for over 14 years now all of that sacrifice and all of the other loses are too much for me to bear.
I mean lets look at a summary of the situation.
I'm a taxpayer and as a Nurse and patients advocate, I found out a very large problem approached the authorities and the news media what I got for my troubles is the loss of my reputation, a stay on a coronary intensive care, the suspension of my license, the breaking up of my marriage, and intense mental anguish with stress brought up by the law suit place against me by Charter Hospital add to this the fact that my beloved companion and friend " Urchin " my dog died of unknown reasons this June 17th 1997.
Just how many stressors can a man take.....even if I wanted to seek out " Psychiatric help " I could not do so due to the present situation. So I'm a desperate man with no place to turn to. I do recognize the fact that I need help and that is the why of this Web site Blasting away at Charter Hospital, The Government both the Atty. Gen. and the AHCA along with the news providers of the area.
As I have said before if they want to fight I have nothing else left to loose......except my life and that is too precious for me to give what they are going to get is my " Ire" and " sting " I have said before that I was prepared to fight and so I will..... all of this big boy's will find out what any simple combat soldier the hard trek of the battle field you can not have a small rock in your boot's because that tiny little stone will not only be uncomfortable but with time it becomes a sore that with time becomes gangrenous and even cost the life of the soldier. I will become that little stone on the boot's of Corporate Headquarters for Charter and the gubernatorial agency's responsible for the destruction of my life.... I know that I will do so because the more that I dig in this WWW of information the more dirt and perversion that I find in the same manner I keep finding more and more people that are willing to help me in all kinds of way's.
In order to bring some sanity back to my life I have made my final offer to Charter hospital to help me solve the problem at hand...... I have conceded that it is most likely that they will win the case against me since they have all the big time attorney's and multi-millions of dollars to back them up.
I have made previous offers as low as $75.00 (seventy Five dollar's ) for the price of the computer and for them to leave me alone and not requiring of me any affidavits or depositions etc....just to leave me alone and this offers have been ignored or they have tried to just outflank me in legalese...this was proven on a Deposition that was taken on June 10th 1997.......after I had walked out of the protest area and was promised resolution.....!!!
I specifically asked them before we begun if they really wanted to go trough this even though they had promised that they would not if I stopped my protest. I also asked if what they really wanted was to Solve the problem or if they just wanted to win the case. They opted for going ahead with the legalities. I did the parts of the deposition that I thought I could respond with certainty or non harmful for me and upon completing the same I presented them with a solution.....
For the loss of my reputation as a Nurse, for the damage to my heart, for the loss of my spouse, for the loss of income of five month's and for the mental stress and anguish now I demand $60,000 dollar's and the dropping of any law suits against me or my spouse along with further use of the AHCA against me, I would also cooperate fully with Charter in identifying any source of information that originated from the same source or different source..etc.
I believe that all of my loses are worth that amount and even more as when I spoke to both the administrator of the hospital and its attorney's. I asked them both the same question.
How much is your reputation worth.?
Response 1. There is no price that could be place on it.
Response 2. The worth of my reputation is Priceless.
My response equally my reputation is priceless but I'm willing to settle it for such a insignificant amount that coupled with all the other losses they are getting quite a bargain and figure they would jump on it. Yet they scream bloody murder and don't want to settle.
I guess that we are now at a matching of wits and escalation of activities.

Further more on June 21st of 1997......I received notice on the mail that by July 8th 1997 the Hospital's attorney's want to ask the Judge to hold me in CONTEMPT of court since I have decided to plead the 5th Admendant due to my other case with the AHCA......

I urge all that read this to please give it the furthest dissemination as possible and I would like to hear from all of the Patient support group's all of the Nurses organizations and attorney's that could help me in my fight against this Giant corporation.

I need help badly I really do not know how much a man can take......I have lost my Job, Lost my Health, Lost my wife, Lost my reputation, Lost faith on the Government, Lost faith on the News, I'm beginning to loose faith on my self and my dog just died four day's ago...... I feel helpless, Hopeless, could use some Mental Health but can't seek it since I could be labeled as a nut. Honestly how much can a man take..!!! From what I know of psychiatric nursing I have achieved the greatest amount of stress that any one can handle and beyond I hope that there is an end to it all soon.

As stated by some anonymous person:
I'm the Master of my unspoken words and a slave to those words that should have remained unsaid.
Jose N Proenza Sanfiel ( Registered Nurse )


Webmaster's Comments.

The Prosecuting attorney used this area of the Web site in order to prove that I had committed the hineous crime. After reading this is that what you think I did? I would expect that the whole web site might be used later on when the appeal comes to be so I must be careful in what I say; However I'll be dammed if I keep quiet. I 'm speaking the truth and spilling my guts out for the whole world to know because.

When truth and Justice are at stake silence is not golden it is yellow.




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