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 To: Susan Jacobsen & Suzy Hagstrom

C/o The Orlando Sentinel

Orange Ave Orlando Fla.

 Subj: Betrayal of Confidentiality.....Revealing of Sources of Information.


I here by notify you and your employer that in coverage of the present case Regarding my involvement in the " Kissimmee Psychiatric Computer Escapade" was totally out of line and that it should behoove you not to ever do this again. As you know per our phone conversation I did not wish to be identified due to the sensitive of this case. Your use of my identity and that of my spouse was irresponsible and beyond the dignity of your profession it really hurts me to see that promising and hard working news hounds, as your self would do this to me. Is your professionalism and that of your Employer to be known as that medium that unlike the ones contacted by me thought to be in good judgment...!!


The implication of your actions is deplorable and disturbing...!! I submit this letter to you trough Mr. Charley Reese Editor of your Newspaper and rely on his wisdom as to how to deal with this matter. I do pray that he use that good sense of him so as to do a " Surgical Mentality ".... Of which I will share with him in separate correspondence. I would like Charlie to recall my conversation with him regarding this subject for reference.

I also take this time to point out that good reporting is also the ability to report your quotes as a verbatim in quoted remarks I here by inform you also that your report was inaccurate and dangerous.!!! To me my family and to the course of actions that must be followed by every one involved.

 Obviously we will follow more of this as time permitting.

 Thank you

 Respectfully submitted.



Jose N Proenza Sanfiel.

Cpl. Pro USMC-r



Webmaster's Comments.

This is one and only article regarding this issue that was ran on the Orlando Sentinel whereas I had any kind of input. Talk about misquoting a person while we were talking this reporter kept asking me if ( IF ) questions. Much was made out of the fact that in one of those If questions I said that I would sell the computer back to Charter hospital. I had a right to do so if I wanted to do so. I purchased it legally and the government was not interested in it. However it was convenient for the hospital to use this if statement for character defamation and they played it to the hilt. If you look else whereas you will note that it is reported that patient information is worth big buck's to health care companies. I was denied the right to sell what was now personal property. Granted that I would not sold it to any one just to the original owner and if not them the patients themselves. The patients being the only other ones entitled to such. I repeat it over and over again. My intention was to protect the taxpayer and the patients. That is what the government and the hospital feared most evidence of negligence in the hands of a conscientious patient advocate and veterans…… activist.

  This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

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We the people can make changes.!!

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