Abuse by Charter Hospital-Request for informationFrom: "Hamilton D. Moore" <hdmoore@anv.net>
Date: 1997/04/09
Newsgroups: alt.psychology.adlerian,alt.psychology.behavior.internet,alt.psychology.help

During the last decade Charter hospital engaged in a body bounty scheme which resulted in the incarceration of individuals against their will. Victims of this scheme in Las Vegas are seeking information from other victims and persons with knowlege to prove the schemes were developed and disseminated by the national company, Charter Medical Corporation of
Macon, GA (a Delaware Corporation). Charter Medical has become Magellan Health Services of Atlanta.

The practices have resulted in numerous victim suits in Nevada, Florida, and Texas and several suits by doctors against the nation's largest hospital chain claiming relief from economic loss caused by their refusal to participate in illegal or unethical activities required by Charter.

The practices resulted in a Medicaid Fraud Indictment of a regional manager by the Federal Government and the payback of illegally obtined funds there and in Texas.

Reported abuses around the country include incarceration with out
failure to provide the programs or treatment billed for,
referral of patients to doctors who kept patients in the hospital the
longest, overmedication, unlawful physical restraint and other matters.

The advent of managed care has eliminated many of these problems, since the company, to the extent it is a capitated provider, now loses money by keeping patients in the hospital, the incentive is to discharge even those patients who require treatment. Unfortunately for the elderly, their medicare coverage is not capitated. In many places, including Las Vegas, this has resulted in teams of bounty hunters roaming the halls of
rest homes for cash per day victims. Usually these victims are unable to protect themselves from being taken to Charter where a cashectomy is performed on the taxpayer's wallet and the victim made to suffer all manner of abuse and indignity.

In Las Vegas, the company recruited the dregs of the psychiatric
community to staff its scheme. For example, a Dr. Gladstone who was willing to commit (and was convicted of) medicaid fraud for his activities at Charter, and a patient sexual abuser and perjurer still kept on staff, Dr. Desmarais.

We are a group of psychiatric abuse victims and concerned citizens called the Commission Agains Psychiatric Abuse (CAPA). Most of us have been unlawfully incarcerated by Charter Hospital or know someone who has. Many of us are engaged in litigation to protect the valuable rights to liberty and freedom from unwarranted government intrusion in the form of incarceration and forced medication by Charter hospital and other profit mak our rights, and to bring an end to oppresive psychiatric abuse driven by profit.

One of our members, Debra Schlotfeldt, won an important victory in a December 1993 in receiving a $100,000 judgment against Dr. Desmarais and Charter Hospital. The verdict, as against Charter only, is currently in the Nevada Supreme court where Charter has claimed it is not responsible for the doctor it assigned to Debra and whom she could not discharge.

Three other of our members, Debra White, Elaine Cummings, and Nancy Patenaude, established nationally important law when the Nevada Supreme Court declared the action of Charter and the doctors who incarcerated them to be state actors subjecting Charter to Federal Civil Rights law. Importantly, this provides the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States to all persons held against their will in mental institutions, rights Charter had asserted they did not have.

Their cases are now proceeding to trial. The national Charter, now Magellan, maintains, in this litigation, it exercises no control over how the local hospital operates and so is not subject to the jurisdictin of this court or liable to the victims for their damages.

Because punitive damages are related to the net worth and annual income of a company, we are concerned Charter may totally avoid being punished for its conduct.
If the national Charter corporation is successful, the victims will
probably be deprived of the ability inflict sufficient punishment on
Charter in the form of punitive damages to deter the oppresive abuse they have suffered. If you have information about:
unlawful or unnecessary incarceration by Charter,
payment of body bounties or cash incentives to head hunters, employees, health care workers, school counselors or others,
fraudulent billing practices, or the extent to which any of these were developed, directed, controlled or managed by the parent company, Charter Medical of Macon Georgia, we ask you contact our attorney with the information. We are v......
If you have information pertaining to abuse of patients by Charter
Hospital, please let me know. I am an attorney in Las Vegas
representing several folks who were held against their will by Charter Hospital while large sums were extracted from their insurance companies.
We presently seek information about such abuse in other jurisdictions in order to show the existance of a national corporate strategy to.

   This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

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We the people can make changes.!!

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