MINUTES 10 Dec 97 James T. Howell, M.D., M.P.H. Secretary

The regular meeting of the Florida Board of Nursing was called to order at 1:40 p.m. on Wednesday, December 10, 1997, at the Double Tree Hotel, 4500 West Cypress Street, Tampa, Florida 33607 by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Willie Edwards, ARNP.



Mr. Willie Edwards, ARNP Member, Chair, Ms. Nancy Breen RN Member Vice Chair, Ms. Kathy Leonard RN Member (excused), Ms. Laurel Boyd RN Member Ms. Patricia Curry-Bagget RN Member ( excused 12-10-97 ), Ms. Winnie Davis, Consumer Member, Ms. Diane Garner, RN Member, Ms. Ann Lewis, LPN Member(excused 12/11-12/12/97), Ms. Nancy Makransky, LPN Member, Ms. Cathy Oles, LPN Member, Dr. Linda Simunek, RN Member, Mr. Max Streisand, Consumer Member (excused 12/12/97), Ms. Betty B. Woolfork, Consumer Member (excused), Nancy Breen, RN Member, Vice Chair, Kathy Leonard, RN Member (excused), Laurel Boyd, RN Member, Patricia Curry-Baggett, RN Member (excused 12/10/97)


Ms. Lee Ann Gustafson, Board Attorney, Mr. Reginald Dixon, AHCA Attorney


Associated Court Reporting 105 S. Narcissus Ave., Suite 306

West Palm Beach, FL 33401 (407) 655-2300


A motion was adopted to approve the October 1997 Board Meeting minutes with corrections.

NOT PRESENT. Patricia Curry-Baggett


Chairman Mr. Willie Edwards reported that he met with the Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Health several times in November. Dr. Linda Simunek reported that she did a presentation at Holy Cross Hospital and the VA Medical Center, on the Quasi-Judicial and Legislative Functions of the Board of Nursing.

Diane Garner did a presentation for the FNA at Fort Lauderdale on November 4, 1997, for Board update and review. She also attended Board & Council members statewide seminar November 13-14 at Ft. Lauderdale with roundtable discussions which she found very eye-opening. Additionally, she visited Tampa's Sylvan Center in December to do a NCLEX review.

Nancy Breen attended the QUIN Council meeting on December 2, 1997, as a Board member, not sent by the Board. Discussions focused on newly licensed nurses and what is necessary to address prior to working on their first job.

Ms. Breen also pointed out that if the discipline summaries will no longer be part of the review process, that an alternative method must be created to help new Board members comprehend the disciplinary process in order to make factual decisions.

Winnie Davis reported she attended the Citizens Advocacy Center meeting in Missouri and submitted a written report.

Executive Director

Mr. Joe Baker, Jr., Interim Executive Director, stated that he anticipates acting in that capacity until the end of January. Mr. Baker gave a brief overview of his background as Executive Director in the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. He transferred to the Department of Health on July 1, 1997, and has been the Executive Director of the Boards of Massage Therapy, Hearing Aid Specialists, Athletic Training and the newly created Board of Orthotists and Prosthetists. Mr. Baker announced publication and distribution of the Newsletter in January. He informed the Board that a review team is returning to Jacksonville December 1516, to continue the on-site overview of the application process. Mr. Baker referred to having discussions with the Board attorney and staff on the scope of practice for licensees. He instructed Board staff not to attempt advising licensees regarding practice, as it is not a role of staff to interpret laws and rules but rather gave two alternatives -- to talk to the licensee's supervisor or request a declaratory statement. Mr. Baker discussed the upcoming change in the Board processing discipline summaries and anticipates General Counsel will be issuing a policy statement on such. Mr. Baker congratulated Mr. Streisand Consumer Member and Cathy Oles, LPN Member of their reappointment Mr. Baker closed with ratification of relicensure numbers of RN and LPNs.

Mr. Edwards, Chair, noted the search is now being conducted for a new Executive Director and the need for the Board to be part of the interview and decision making process.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Continues


Ms. Linda Smith submitted a written report outlining current activities of IPN.


Ms. Linda Smith reviewed agenda items of the outcome of data updating monitoring reports, and progress evaluations done by immediate treatment provider and asked for suggestions of Board members. She further went on to new business of impairment cases, and Ms. Keyes tallied up comparison cases Vs, practice issues over the last four (4) Board meetings. Fifty to sixty (50 - 60%) of all cases at the board meeting are associated with impairment. The Illinois' Physician's Program spent time at IPN to consult with professional regulation with their newly forming nurse program.

Laurel Boyd brought to the Board's attention the categories of substance abuse and mental health seen by IPN (60%). She further noted that in credentialing there would be a considerable amount of impairment being brought into the state in addition to our problems. The concern is to ensure there is a concerted effort on the part of the individual prior to licensing. A motion was adopted to accept the Report of the IPN Committee.


Cathy Oles gave the following report:

Provider Approval - A motion was adopted to approve as listed.

Terminations - A motion was adopted to approve as listed.

Provider Update - 1,458 providers Provider Applications for Review

Dialog House Associates - New York, New York - A motion was adopted to-deny the application.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Continues

Other Business

Mr. Dixon asked the board to give the Agency for Health Care Administration the direction to continue the voluntary relinquishments.

Ms. Nancy Breen brought up the issue of summaries. Mr. Dixon reiterated that they are not provided by employees with legal expertise. Additionally, it may look like, or could be challenged that Board members were only reading the summaries. Mr. Edwards indicated that he wanted it on the record that he resents the assumption if any that Board members were not reading all materials submitted to them prior to their meetings.

Ms. Ann Lewis volunteered that those summaries are a tool to organize notes and are most helpful. Ms. Linda Smith supported the receipt of summaries as a valuable tool to the IPN program. Mr. Striesand, consumer member, noted that we are the biggest and most successful Board and those summaries are part of the success.

Ms. Makransky added that as a new Board member she needed the assistance of the Board to address the subject of orientation.


The Vice Chair, Ms. Nancy Breen requested permission to address the Board Members and stated: " We have had a death in the family and many of us have mourned greatly. Anytime you have a death, you go through a grieving process and you have to talk about it and you have to have closure. It is very sad to me that Marilyn Bless is no longer with us and probably because I am the biggest risk taker on the Board, I want to bring closure to Marilyn not being with us. I have already talked to Joe and I told Joe that I was going to say something and I in no way, want anything reflected on Joe. I do not want him to take this personally.

I want to say publicly and personally, thank you to Marilyn Bless and what she did for this Board. It is so unfortunate that politics plays a major role in what we do in practicing in the state of Florida. She couldn't be fired for not doing a good job because she was excellent. She was let go because she was disloyal - she was not disloyal to the Board. She was disloyal to the people who sign her check, as Reggie said. Personally, I don't believe that and I don't believe that either Dr. Howell, Kandy, Gloria or Diane could personally look her in the eye and tell her that she was fired or that she was disloyal. I don't believe that. I have faith to believe that Marilyn will go on to brighter and better things but it grieves me terribly to think that we have lost a brilliant person who was so futuristic in her thinking because there was vindictiveness, jealousy and a total lack of communication.

I have personally talked to Marilyn and I told her that I had to bring closure. She is a friend, she will always be a friend. But to the nurses of the state of Florida they have lost probably one of the most astute nurse managers that could be at the Board. I will tell you that I was somewhat relieved too but I am in a situation where it is we and they, because I can no longer trust the Department of Health, and they know that, it's nothing that they haven't been told, because they say one thing and do something else. We were under DPR and went through the same thing, under AHCA and we did the same thing and now we are under the Department of Health and going through the same thing. Leopards do not lose their spots, and unfortunately back many years ago when this big umbrella came across, we were taken under the big umbrella and we, the nurses of Florida, do not have the power to pull out. It somewhat relieved me when Kandy, ninety-nine percent said that we would have an RN but I fear the one percent, not only do I fear the one percent I fear the amount of loyalty that the Department of Health will demand by letting them know and rightly so, that based on the paycheck you don't listen to the BON. This upsets me gravely and it has upset me for a long time as well as some other members on the Board.

We have lost an RN to speak for nurses in Florida to the National Council and this upsets me. I am so relieved that Laurel will be going to National Council and she will be able to vote for us. I had to take this as a personal time to say thank you to Marilyn and I wish for her the brightest spot in the stars."

Willie Edwards stated that Nancy Breen, Cathy Leonard, FHA and FNA representatives, and Deans and Directors will be contacted to be on the screening process for the position of Executive Director.

An announcement was made that Max Streisand will be the new member for the South Probable Cause Panel replacing Cathy Oles.

Meeting recessed at 5:30 p.m..


Webmaster's Comments.

Ok folks this is only one Board meeting ( I was not there but was supposed to )

Listen to what is being said here. ( this meeting )………. then if you wish ( Go to) The other board meeting that I did attend.

( A ) The IPN program is doing real good business 50% - 60% of the take of Florida nurses that go to the board for impairment.!! Now this is an independent program that gets money and power from the numbers. The numbers of course come from " findings " of "opinionated decisions made by the like of Dr Goetz " whose earlier testimony was thrown out of court since this " gentleman " makes telepathic consults of " patients " ( me ). This implies that we nurses in FL are pretty screwed up or someone is pumping up the numbers to get that sweet tax money. The nurses also must pay.! For job security and self preservation. But at what cost?. How many lives have been ruined in this kind of use of Russian and Cuban like psychiatry. Come on Nurses associations time to speak up.!! Where is the rhetoric heard in all the meetings and propaganda to take your dues!! Where are the patient Advocate groups.! That demand excellent care.! Where are the Tax payer advocate groups that also claim being watchdogs of " the system " and constantly ask for donations.! Follow the money son…Follow the money.!!


(B) The Board has an overload of work… 1,458 providers divide that by days that the board meets then add the cases that they have to hear besides this and the reports that must be submitted plus. This and that and you will see what leads to…next on (c)

( C ) The issue of summaries and the statements surrounding this…. I will not add to it you figure it out. They do say where there is smoke there is fire?

( D ) I applaud Mrs. Breen's courage for her words. She is in the know and for me to add more words would be a disservice. We nurses do know how to take care of our own if just given a little room to breath not under the subjugation of political appointees etc etc… Where are those groups previously mentioned.! Will Mrs. Breen last on the Board long? Will any one be able to stand to the powers to be when they do things so capriciously as it has been done to me? How long will it be that one of these impaired ( 60% Psychiatric or drugged Nurses) flip over the edge and do a Oklahoma City type of justice for the people. Every one is at danger any whereas that our " Government meets now days ". The system is sick. But there are better ways to cure it. If we as citizens do and demand of bureaucrats what they were put there for ( serve us ) instead of persecuting those that dare say NO. Come on Tallahassee give Mrs. Breen and the nurses caring for your sick what is needed! What we need is Independence! The battle cry has been out there too long.

 This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

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