This page contains links to other web sites that may be of interest to journalism and mass communication educators and students, media organizations and professionals, and others interested in the media and media studies. AND YOU CAN GO THERE TO E-MAIL THEM.
  • Boston University -- School of Journalism
  • University of California at Berkeley -- Graduate School of Journalism
  • University of Colorado -- School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Columbia University -- Graduate School of Journalism
  • University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign -- College of Communication
  • Indiana University -- School of Journalism
  • University of Kansas -- William Allen White School of Journalism
  • University of Missouri-Columbia -- School of Journalism
  • University of Montana -- School of Journalism
  • Nanyang Technical University and National University of Singapore Northwestern University -- Medill School of Journalism
  • Ohio State University -- Center for the Advanced Study of Telecommunications (CAST)
  • University of Oregon -- School of Journalism and Communication
  • San Jose State University -- The School of Library and Information Science
  • San Francisco State University -- Department of Journalism
  • San Francisco State University -- Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts
  • Southern Illinois University at Carbondale -- School of Journalism
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville -- College of Communications
  • University of Washington -- School of Communications
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison -- School of Journalism and Mass Communication


    *includes links to related sites

  • Center for Media Literacy
  • CineMedia (Gateway to world-wide media literacy efforts)*
  • Jesuit Communication Project- Toronto (Media education in Canadian schools)
  • Media and Communications Studies Page (Links galore. Media literacy articles, research, educators, advocates, organizations, industries, etc.)*
  • Media Hyperlinks (Links to American media industries)*
  • Media Launchpad (An online media literacy classroom which examines the user's own process of interactivity while surfing)*
  • Media Literacy On-Line Project*
  • New Mexico Media Literacy Project On-Line (Information for teachers, students and parents, including Quicktime movies/images for media literacy deconstruction online)
  • On-Line Visual Literacy Project (Online interactivities of visual literacy concepts with video, audio and photographic samples)
  • Strategies for Media Literacy Web Page (Links to resources about media education around the world)*
  • Taos Media Literacy Page (Part of the La Plaza Internet Project in Taos, New Mexico, the site includes articles on media issues and literacy education)


  • Harvard University -- Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
  • Indiana University -- Federal Communications Law Journal
  • Lehigh University -- Electronic Journal Titles
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville -- Electric Journals & Periodicals



  • Directory of Media Studies Centers, Mid-Career Fellowships and Training Programs for Journalists
  • Journalism and Communication: Education and Research
  • The Journalism List (including newsgroups, etc.)
  • Journalism & Media Links


    *includes links to related sites


  • Bookwire (book industry information)
  • Buzz (Los Angeles culture magazine)
  • Cable News Network
  • Daily Telegraph (London)/Electronic Telegraph
  • Editor&Publisher* (list of commercial online newspaper services)
  • Electronic Newsstand (selections from leading newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • E-Zine* (links available to magazines on the world wide web)
  • George
  • Individual Inc. Newspage (daily business news with over 600 information sources)
  • Media Central (Media Daily, Inside Media)*
  • Mother Jones
  • National Public Radio
  • The New Republic
  • New York Times Syndicate
  • Newslink (links to newspapers, magazines and television web sites)*
  • Newspaper Association of America (links to newspapers online)
  • Pathfinder (Time Warner publications)*
  • Public Broadcasting Service
  • Starwave (Includes ESPNET Sports, Outside Magazine, Family Planet and Mr. Showbiz)
  • Wall Street Journal Money and Investment
  • ZDNet Personal View (free customized news service)



  • Computer Life (via zdnet)
  • C/net Online Computer Magazine
  • Computer Reseller News (via CMP techweb)
  • Computer Retail Week (via CMP techweb)
  • Computer Shopper (via zdnet)
  • Electronic Engineering Times (via CMP techweb)
  • Family PC (via zdnet)
  • Harvard Computer Review (Harvard University's Computer Society's online magazine)
  • Home PC (via CMP techweb)
  • MacUser (via zdnet)
  • MacWeek (via zdnet)
  • Microsoft Network Homepage
  • PC Computing (via zdnet)
  • PC Magazine (via zdnet)
  • PC Week (via zdnet)
  • Personal Technology Column (Walter Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal)
  • VAR Business
  • Windows*
  • ZDNet

  • CyberWire Dispatch (newsletter about cyberspace)
  • Hotwired (Web home of Wired magazine)
  • Macromedia (multimedia and design on the web -- Digital Video, etc.)*
  • Internet World
  • Mecklermedia's iWorld (Internet news, features, resources and tools)
  • Seidman's Online Insider*



  • CIO Magazine: The Magazine for Information Executives
  • Communications Week (via CMP techweb)
  • Communications Week International (via CMP techweb)
  • Information Week (via CMP techweb)
  • Informatiques (via CMP techweb)
  • Interactive Age Digital
  • Interactive Week
  • OEM Magazine (via CMP techweb)
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