Public Law 829 (77th Congress) Sec. 4(a) : "The flag should never be displayed with the union down SAVE AS A SIGNAL OF DIRE DISTRESS"
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These words and words like it are used by many to claim and justify the need of violence. In the same manner that there is violence there is peace and harmony. It is necessary that we all understand that PEACE is the best thing that there is and that in reality is what most folk's want regardless of how militant they are. We have developed away from the times of Machete's. T. Jefferson understood that also and he put his name on the US constitution giving us a sharper machete to use. I implore to all to consider this and use it. This country is being taken away from us not by VIOLENCE but by very cunning and sly means every time that some one does not vote or when ever the vote is cast in a party line or without knowledge. SOME in the patriotic movement claim that it must be done Violently. Others know better Like Mr. Ippolito-Monkad and the like using the court system to stuff it with the same thing that breeds it. Paperwork and endless running around in circles. Have you not noted that when it all comes down to it Liberty is taken with the stoke of a pen or a keyboard.? Have you not noted that once it is all and done the system uses a written law to bring you down. Haa!! my foolish friend learn the rules of modern warfare and use that instead become a conqueror of the country stop being a winner of fruitless battles that in the end only make the noose tighter on all the meek sheep. You can not go to the corral of sheep and violently tear out its walls. The owner will come out and fight you to the bitter end. If you succeed in liberating a few of the sheep your tracks will be followed. You and your prize will be hunted and the prize sized from you. Instead you must approach the fences cautiously loosen the posts in the fence one by one. In due time the sheep will push the fence apart and slip away unnoticed one by one or many at a time.


While I was in training at Paris Island ( USMC …Hoorahhh). A Combat trained drilled instructor gave a wonderful speech about freedom, liberty, patriotism etc. It was very moving. Then he asked all the recruits to raise their hands if they were willing to give their life for the country. Every one raised their hands. Ahhh Humm… No, Not every one. There was one that did not. Who could that be!! Maggot Proenza you do not have your hand up in the air boy, is there a problem with you. You Cuban ( @#$%@%$@ ) communist ( &^%#%$$@ ). Come here and stand in front of the platoon you grape I want every one to see you. Aye, Aye, Sir, He then proceeded to give commands to the whole platoon of push-ups and all the other type of punishment that are normally given when something wrong is done by either the platoon or one of its members ( every one pays in the Corps if one screws up ) the punishment went on and on at the beginning it was done gladly by most and their faces told me that there could be a blanket party for me in the near future ( the Green weenie ) as time wore on real hate was seen since the punishment was unbearable. Once this combat experienced was satisfied. He allowed the platoon some rest. While they all were there panting and sweating I would of have died, if looks could kill. The drill Sergeant then in no uncertain terms explained to the platoon that he had " punished" ahhemmm, ( corrected their attitude ) not because of me but because of their own selves. He then asked me why? I was not willing to die for my country (US ) or Cuba for that matter. Sir the private can not fight for his country is he is dead Sir.!! That is Good private……! Right you maggots. Pvt. Proenza go back to formation and now begin.!! ( begin was the word used to start clanestenics- Punishment- Body building character building etc…) I hope that this small but true story helps every one out there understand blowing people up and destruction are not the tools to do the work of liberty. All that it does is bring attention to yourself and hate towards your cause while the " system " uses your example to tighten the noose on that rope that you want to cut from the necks of the oppressed.

This principle has worked in all kind of settings and causes. It was used by Fidel Castro (May his name be cursed for ever and ever)….in order to steal my Birth home along with so much more. Any ways I hope that this word will get you on the right direction and that we all succeed in achieving our goals. 

In the manner that I started above let me leave you with a couple of names to remember. Good o'l J.C. son of THE BIG CAJUNA, Gandhi, Martin Luther, Abe Lincoln and so many others that chose the kinder gentler way to solve the problems of man kind. Please add to that list the following name. Jose N Proenza Sanfiel who gives you the following anonymous words to ponder on. ( Desiderata-I and Desiderata-II ).

Please note that I do fly my flag in regular fashion and as I have told some. I will fly it upside down when I have given my last ounce of strength defending it and to stand as it should be. However as a country we have made provisions regarding our flag and as such it is displayed in this page to indicate the dire distress that are indicated throughout this Website regarding the abuse of power by our government and where it is leading us to. Tyranny and depotism I have seen it and lived it before I should know. That is why I work just a little harder in order to sound the alarm.

May God Bless us all and May God have mercy in our souls.

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Here are some links to the PATRIOTIC movement pages. Please send them e-mail also. Do not feel so self-righteous as we enjoy our freedom here this is what other people are willing to do to you and your loved ones. ( state sponsored terrorism .. picture worth 1,000,000,000 words.) After you visit this link. It will behoove you to see the others. Right??

First you might want to always go to the unsung heroes that make it possible in a daily manner to make it all have some kind of order. This link area is dedicated to my friend " Kevin " whom is a shield and completed MARINE Basic training with me. I pray for you daily my friend.!!

  This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

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We the people can make changes.!!

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