February 9, 1998


Ms. Judy Lynn Proenza-Sanfiel

Xxxx xxxxxxxx. Road

( Judy has moved and will rather not disclose her address you may contact me and she will get all correspondence that way it is her wish and I respect it and understand )

St. Claud, Florida 34771


RE: AHCA v. Judy Lynn Proenza-Sanfiel

Case No. 97-01176

Dear Ms. Proenza-Sanfiel,


The above-referenced case is currently in our legal section and being prepared for presentation to the Probable Cause Panel of the Board of Nursing. The probable cause panel will review the case and make a determination as to whether or not your alleged actions constitute a violation of the nurse practice act. If the panel determines that your actions do not constitute a violation, the case will be dismissed and you will be notified.

If the panel determines that your actions constitute a violation of the nurse practice act, the panel will direct the Agency for file an Administrative Complaint against your license to practice nursing. If a complaint is filed, your will be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations. Additionally, you are entitled to a formal hearing to dispute any allegations you believe to be unfounded. As I have previously indicated to you, your case is a separate case from that of Respondent Jose Proenza-Sanfiel. Your case is pre-probable cause and therefore confidential. Any inquires into the status of this case will show that there is no case pending.

As you are aware, Jose Proenza-Sanfiel is scheduled to go before the Board of Nursing on February 11, 1998. Your presence is not required as you are not the Respondent in this matter. I hope that this letter has been responsive to your inquiry. If I can be of further help, I may be reached at (850) 487 - 9637

Reginald D. Dixon

Staff Attorney





Webmaster's Comments. ( What has become of Judy & Jose )

Here is further proof of the AHCA " The System " tactics here it is Feb-9-98 and incompetence that plagues it. Three days away from doing a second final order on my case ( a priority 1 case ) and they have not finished processing the case for my so called " Co-conspirator " how about that.! The system even if it had a case against me would not be prepared right? The complaint was made against the two of us in the same exact manner so why is it that it has not progressed at the same speed.? The system was putting the pressure on us to break my will ( there is a little bit more about this but I have to keep it under my hat for legal purposes.) But you get the picture right.? Remember think feminist on this Ok . Is a wife guilty of her husbands crime? Does having a Nurses license or any other work license for that matter gives the right to the state of controlling a persons actions.? Just as a small thing also….Why? use the Ms definition for a married woman while at the same time blasting her away for her mans action? Kind of a sly insult is it not either way that you put it.?


This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

E-Mail Address for Nursing Organizations

Email Address for US Senate………………

E-Mail Address for US House of Representatives


Is a BEAR of a job but if you like you can also reach the whole Nation trough the air ways via Radio and TV Links


We the people can make changes.!!

And if you E-Mail this Journalists will help us all.



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