The Name of my path is Justice. You Be the Judge.

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Compact for fast grasp of the whole thing.

The Initial Brief to the Florida's 5Th District Court of Appeals

^ ( The Meat and Potatoes of the Issue Taxpayer's View.) ^

v ( The Response of The State. ) v

Warning this information may disturb those that LOVE FREEDOM.!!

URGENT NEED OF AMICUS CURIAE (Friends in court) This motion was denied by Florida's 5th (DCA) District Court of Appeals.

Reply brief to "The States" answer to the initial brief. ( Pin-pointing the issue getting close to the end of the case now .( I HOPE ) What ever decisions the court makes it will affect you and how you conduct business if you are a licensed regulated professional.


This is a warning to Patients , Nurses , Women & other Health Care provider's The consumer and computer geeks. Do not become a Victim yourself. ( WEB MASTER COMMENTS : ) ( Please make sure you read all the comments at end of all documents )

Why did this Nurse do this.? & it can happen to you.

This is my punishment & the Extended Punishment. Short.

The punishment to the ones that did release the information to the public#1.

Punishment # 2 Punishment # 3

The legal case documentation

Nurses Warning & Need for Action....A must read if you have a License. (Florida Nursing Chapter law FS-464).

Jose's Dilemmas or the Problem.

 This is kind of long but if you want to know the whole picture.??

Jose's Dilemmas. The nutshell.

Warning to Husband & Wife Nurses. If our case becomes a precedent both of you will hurt. The woman's point of view.

Just How important is your privacy .?......To a Psychiatric Patient. And what is considered negligence.

Nurse Advocate & OTHER Whistle blowing activity.

Governmental Sacrificial Lamb. & Political involvement to date.

Open letter to journalists ( specially to management of WESH-2, WCPX = WKMG-6 WFTV-9 in Central Florida )

Sensationalized News Reporting v/s Responsible journalism.

Charter Hospital & its Multi Billion dollar Parent Company  Allegations & News stories.

How you can help me? ……. Can you help Judy.

What Washington folks say and what they do


Webmaster's Comments.

PLEASE do read this comments at the end of each page they give insight and explanations or important points that you should consider. Of course they are biased but as you go trough them it will make some sense I hope. It will also give you something to send me mail about if you agree or disagree. But is best if you go ahead and E-mail others that will help OK?

Don’t let the graphics fool you I repeated many of them since they apply in a funny kind of way to break the monotony of the Legalese kind of talk.

The colors are used to emphasize certain point's. Any comments or suggestions I have a deaf ear for stupid nonsense and five ears for constructive criticism!! I have also learned that there is not such a thing as a stupid question.

 This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

E-Mail Address for Nursing Organizations

Email Address for US Senate………………

E-Mail Address for US House of Representatives

Is a BEAR of a job but if you like you can also reach the whole Nation trough the air ways via Radio and TV Links

We the people can make changes.!!

And if you E-Mail this Journalists will help us all.


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If you are doing word search document contains some of this words: Negligence, Psychiatric, abuse, of, power, collusion, Florida, department of health, Florida agency of healthcare administration, violation of civil rights, bad government bad psychiatry, warning to patients nurses, charter hospital, surviving psychiatry, deceptive, malpractice, weird, injustice, nursing, advocate, nursing code, ethics, legal rape, fraud, defrauding Medicaid, Medicare, Institutions, federal, outrage, criminal, disbelief, Human, health, services, personal, disregard, reporting, crime, trouble, revenge, sexual, consent, permission, renegade, rebuttal, journalism, independence, militia, revolution, inspection, perception, rejection, repugnant, personal, integrity, professional, pervert, prostitution, system, board of nursing, freedom, seclusion, restraint, medication, psychotropic, intimidation, feminism , repulsion, judicial, regulation, self-esteem , corporate, individual, actions, reactions, pervasive, reluctant, devil, worship, rape, drunkenness, cross-dressing, gay, lesbian, protection, persuasion, despair, rejection, opposition, ignorance, reprisal, depotism, dependence, independence, parent, child, bastard, protection, consumer, deception, outrage, insult, intelligence, intervention, guilt, obstruction, political, embarrassment, depotism, nazi, mad, upset, sadist, masochist, disruption, life, important, decision, autonomy, obligation, WESH, wesh-2, WCPX, wcpx-6, wkmg, wkmg-6, WFTV, wftv-9, ABC, CBS, NBC, network, television, programming, reporting, broadcasting, broadcast media, newspaper, article, story. Managed care, HMO, trust, Public, servant, malpractice, aclu,1st amendment, constitution, betrayal, liberty, assumption, alleged, antitrust, monopoly, indigent, help, accuracy, independent, love, caring, hate, disobedience, feminism, feminist, chauvinistic,

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