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Subj: I need help badly please not run around’s regarding my whistle blowing action..



Sir I write this letter to you in desperation and frustration with the offices of the power to be in the State of Florida.

 A couple of months ago I had the audacity to stand up for the right of the citizens of The State of Florida or so I thought. By doing so I have placed myself and family in harms way with no help from the power’s to be and as a matter of fact I have been castigated for my action’s in defending the right’s and the coffer’s of our state and the Federal government.

 The case in a nut shell:

 I bought a computer on a second hand shop, when I looked in it I found information about psychiatric patients on a local hospital that had been reported on the news as milking the state and Medicaid and Medicare system by bogus billing of treatment. I contacted all the local agency’s and was given the run around of not my jurisdiction ,I don’t Know etc...etc... becoming disgusted with the run around I turned to the local news agency’s that had reported the case to begin with...they all three network’s ( ABC,CBS,NBC ) did report the story along with a local newspaper ( Orlando Sentinel ) after this happened then I was contacted by the AHCA ( Agency of Health Care Administration ) but instead of helping me it was in order to dictate to me and to bully me and intimidate my person... ( I’m a Registered Nurse ) to the point that my License has been suspended.


Even though I have continued to seek help from the Government and it’s offices I have yet to receive any help or official inquiry’s as to the wrong doer’s in this incident. The Hospital ( Charter Hospital in Kissimmee Fla Osceola Co. ) is pressuring me with it’s high paid attorney’s and have already acquired a copy of the database that contains all type of information that I’m certain would prove to be useful on the successful prosecution of this hospital for fraud and wrong doing.


While the governmental agency’s are twiddling their thumbs I’m sure that Charter Hospital is doing everything in its power to cover their track’s with the information that I can provide the state for successful prosecution....

  I need some one in authority that care’s and has the power to contact me in order to help me overcome the bureaucracy that I’m facing in order to recuperate for the State coffer’s the millions dollar’s that have been alleged as defrauded by Charter Hospital along with any punitive fines implemented.


Sir I would appreciate it if your agency was to take charge of this situation and ensure that there is no more didling around and that no other agency referral is made unless it is some one that can actually help instead of passing the buck.

 Sir it is a sad state that we are in when a citizen tries to do right and aid the government and he is instead allowed to be badgered and demoralized in the way that I and my family has been.

 I need, beg and demand action please do not allow my sacrificing career and family simply to be beaten by the greed of money and incompetence that seems to be prevailing in this whole affair.


You or your representative may contact me in any of the methods on the above letterhead but I would appreciate expediency on this matter before I must succumb to forces greater than me a simple and lowly tax-payer that though he was doing his duty to the state.


Thank you in advance.

Respectfully submitted.



Jose N Proenza Sanfiel.

Cpl Pro USMC-r

 PS: PLEASE NOTE I have no funds to make long distance phone call’s or send any more faxes etc....please make arrangements to accept collect phone call’s or call me at home where I can be found now most of the time or you may use E-mail as an efficient method of communication however the first communication should be verbal. thanks

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One of the big problems that we have in our government is its size and all its pigeon holes. One department sends you to another and that one also to another etc….even though they all respond no one tells you much of help while they are doing that they justify their place and jobs on the system using ourtax money to send us no wheres and using up what little funds we may have or what little time constrains are found.


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