Why did you do it Jose. The $64,000.00 Question.

What was the reasons, that Jose N Proenza Sanfiel R.N. did it.

Please read the following information and then make sure that you read the Webmasters comment at the end of this and every page that you find in this site in order to see further into all matters. At the very least from my point of view. THANK YOU.

Florida Statue: 455.227

( i ) Failing to report to the Department any person who the licensee knows is in violation of this part, the chapter regulating the alleged violator, or the rules of the department or the board.

( k) Failing to perform any statutory or legal obligation placed upon a licensee.

  1. Making or filing a report which the licensee knows to be false, intentionally or negligently failing to file a report or record required by state or federal law, or willfully impeding or obstructing another person to do so. Such reports or records shall include only those that are signed in the capacity of a licensee.

( r ) Improperly interfering with an investigation or inspection authorized by statue or with any disciplinary proceeding.

Florida Statute: 455.667

  1. Except as otherwise provided in this section and in s. 440.13(4)(c), such records may not be furnished to, and the medical condition of a patient may not be discussed with, any person other than the patient or the patient's legal representative or other health care practitioners and providers involved in the care or treatment of the patient, except upon written authorization of the patient.

(9) All records owners shall develop and implement policies, standards, and procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of the medical record. Employees of records owners shall be trained in these policies, standards, and procedures.


  1. Records owners are responsible for maintaining a record of all disclosures of information contained in the medical record to a third party, including the purpose of the disclosure request. The record of disclosure may be maintained in the medical record. The third party to whom information is disclosed is prohibited from further disclosing any information in the medical record without the expressed written consent of the patient or the patient's legal representative.


The above are just the laws pertaining to Nursing if you wish we can add and abetting a criminal Failure to report a crime or all the other laws that could be quoted when saying that a crime must be reported by all law abiding citizens etc etc…..

Now here are the Nursing Code Of ethics that apply to this case ( please note that the interpretations are not mine and the full text can be found somewhere else in this web site.

The nurse safeguards the client's right to privacy by judiciously protecting information of a confidential nature.

2.1 The Client's Right to Privacy
The right to privacy is an inalienable human right. The client trusts the nurse to hold all information in confidence. This trust could be destroyed and the client's welfare jeopardized by injudicious disclosure
of information provided in confidence. The duty of confidentiality, however, is not absolute when innocent parties are in direct jeopardy.
2.2 Protection of Information.
The rights, well being, and safety of the individual client should be the determining factors in arriving at any professional judgment concerning the disposition of confidential information received from the client relevant to his or her treatment. The standards of nursing practice and the nursing responsibility to provide high quality health services require that relevant data be shared with members of the health team. Only information pertinent to a client's treatment and welfare is disclosed, and it is disclosed only to those directly concerned with the client's care.

The nurse acts to safeguard the client and the public when health care and safety are affected by incompetent, unethical, or illegal practice by any person.

3.1 Safeguarding the Health and Safety of the Client.
The nurse's primary commitment is to the health, welfare, and safety of the client
. As an advocate for the client, the nurse must be alert to and take appropriate action regarding any instances of incompetent, unethical, or illegal practice by any member of the health care team or the health care system, or any action on the part of others that places the rights or best interests of the client in jeopardy. To function effectively in this role, nurses must be aware of the employing institution's policies and procedures, nursing standards of practice, the Code for Nurses, and laws governing nursing and health care practice with regard to incompetent, unethical, or illegal practice.

The nurse assumes responsibility and accountability for individual nursing judgments and actions.

4.1 Acceptance of Responsibility and Accountability.
The recipients of professional nursing services are entitled to high quality nursing care. Individual professional
licensure is the protective mechanism legislated by the public to ensure the basic and minimum competencies of the professional nurse. Beyond that, society has accorded to the nursing profession the right to regulate its own practice.

4.3 Accountability for Nursing Judgment and Action
Accountability refers to being answerable to someone for something one has done.
It means providing an explanation or rationale to oneself, to clients, to peers, to the nursing profession, and to society. In order to be accountable, nurses act under a code of ethical conduct that is grounded in the moral principles of fidelity and respect for the dignity, worth, and self-determination of clients.

The nurse exercises informed judgment and uses individual competency and qualifications as criteria in seeking consultation, accepting responsibilities, and delegating nursing activities.

6.1 Changing Functions
Nurses are faced with decisions in the context of the increased complexity of health are
, changing patterns in the delivery of health services, and the development of evolving nursing practice in response to the health needs of clients. As the scope of nursing practice changes, the nurse must exercise judgment in accepting responsibilities, seeking consultation, and assigning responsibilities to others who carry out nursing care.

The nurse participates in the profession's efforts to implement and improve standards of nursing.

Established standards and guidelines for nursing practice provide guidance for the delivery of professional nursing care and are a means for evaluating care received by the public. The nurse has a personal responsibility and commitment to clients for implementation and maintenance of optimal standards of nursing practice.

8.2 Responsibility to the Profession for Standards.
Established standards reflect the practice of nursing grounded in ethical commitments and a body of knowledge. Professional standards or guidelines exist in nursing practice, nursing service, nursing education, and nursing research. The nurse has the responsibility to monitor these standards in daily practice and to participate actively in the profession's ongoing efforts to foster optimal standards of practice at the local, regional, state, and national levels of the health care system.


The nurse participates in the profession's effort to protect the public from misinformation and misrepresentation and to maintain the integrity of nursing.

10.1 Protection from Misinformation and Misrepresentation
Nurses are responsible for advising clients against the use of products that endanger the clients' safety and welfare. The nurse shall not use any form of public or professional communication to make claims that are false fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or unfair.

10.2 Maintaining the Integrity of Nursing
The use of the title registered nurse is granted by state governments for the protection of the public. Use of that title carries with it the responsibility to act in the public interest.

The nurse collaborates with members of the health professions and other citizens in promoting community and national efforts to meet the health needs of the public.

11.1 Collaboration with Others to Meet Health Needs
The availability and accessibility of high quality health services to all people require collaborative planning at the local, state, national, and international levels that respects the interdependence of health professionals and clients in health care systems.
Nursing care is an integral part of high quality health care, and nurses have an obligation to promote equitable access to nursing and health care for all people.
11.2 Responsibility to the Public.
The nursing profession is committed to promoting the welfare and safety of all people. The goals and values of nursing are essential to effective delivery of health services. For the benefit of the individual client and the public at large, nursing's goals and commitments need adequate representation. Nurses should ensure this representation by active participation in decision making in institutional and political arenas to assure a just distribution of health care and nursing resources.

We all do things due to motives. Some times the motives are selfish. Some times the motives are Ethical. Some times they are dictated by Law. Some times we do things due to hate and some times we do not even know why we do the things that we do.

It is a fair question to ask and on this page I will try to tell you why.

The first reason why? Is that I knew the hospital was being investigated and in court for Fraud against the coffers of the State of Florida. I work pretty hard and as an activist I'm very much aware that the average worker does his labor until the 20th of May in order to pay for taxes and then after that what ever he/she makes is for their family. Did you know that.? The National Tax watch group puts out a news report about it every year.! Tax liberation day it is called.!!

The second reason why? Is that I have a title amongst many behind my name R.N. ( not silly is not for REAL NUT ) It stands for Registered Nurse that means that I care deeply enough about my fellow human beings to do something about it. With that title comes certain responsibilities. I have a certain CODE OF ETHICS that guide my actions while I'm working as a Nurse and sometimes the same as a Police officer " the shields " as I call them people expect for me to be on duty 24 hours a day. But in reality I can not because there are laws that tell me that I can not do the job of nursing longer than 12 or at most 16 hours straight. The reason for that is that as a human being it is understood that we tire and that judgment falls after that. Human lives are at stake and it is good to be able to rest. Any way's. I'm bound by certain laws that have been written and are called in Florida the Nurse Practice Act. Or otherwise called Florida Statues Chapter 464 and or FS-455.

I bought a computer on a second hand shop. I was not on duty at the time. I was just your average guy doing his thing. I enjoy the " putters" and as a philanthropic action buy old ones fix them and give it to the church and its members or families that otherwise could not afford one for their kids. I want those that can not to be able to do. Because at one time I could not and some one helped me. Their help was all that I needed to get ahead and I did. I could never forget that so I do it automatically for others when ever I can in what ever way I can. But any ways let's go on.

Once I got the computer going there was nothing to it really just booting it with a floppy disk. Other wise it was just fine. So I stated looking and saw that this computer had lots of information on it. It had about 20 Megabytes worth of information. On closer inspection I saw that it contained memos, incident reports policy and procedures etc of a Hospital a local Hospital none the less this hospital is the one that was being investigated and tried for fraud to the tune of Millions via Medicaid and Medicare. Not only did it had that kind of information but it contained private patient information, Names addresses, phone numbers etc.…. I was shocked. I was shocked because this computer had no encryption for the data and not even a password. Any one any, whereas could of looked in it and see the most private of patient information that it contained. I mean even the cleaning lady at nights would have been able to turn it on and see what she was not supposed to if she or /he wanted . I did not look further cause it was none of my business and pondered what to do.

Well you know all that that every one is taught. If you see a crime it is your duty to report it. I knew that an " alleged criminal " against " the people " was being tried in court. If I destroyed the information I would be aiding and abetting " a criminal " that was out of the question. Now that is just being a regular " Joe Schmuchkately " or average citizen. Strike one for the hospital.


Well I'm a Nurse also and I have worked psychiatric crisis centers and hospital's. I know how very important it is not to disclose patient information and that it could harm patients very much if the information contained there was to fall on the hands of unscrupulous persons. The fact that the computer had no passwords or encryption and my experience with computers telling me how easy it is to do so really disappointed me. Strike number two for the hospital.

The fact that I bought the computer at a second hand shop and any one could of have bout it with all the information on it when I know how easy it is to erase a hard drive was the last straw. Strike number three for the hospital.

I did it because, here was an " alleged thief" that did not care about his victims and was so stupid as to leave the evidence behind. I did it because all the laws above Civic and ethical said that I had to do it.

There have been allegations and innuendoes that I might of done it for other reasons and the ones that have fueled that fire has been the hospital the hospital was aided what in my opinion was and is an unscrupulous journalist that asked me an If question and then wrote an article saying that I was going to sell the computer for profit when I had already made every effort to turn it in to the proper authorities without compensation. Heck if a few millions was to be recuperated I could of made more than what was reported as a just reward given and offered by the US Gov. in order to encourage " whistle blowing ".

The reward was not my reason as stated before it was strike one, strike two and strike three you are out.

Any other explanations etc can be found else where in this site. This specific page was created in order to put all the assholes that have accused me of other wise in the proper perspective and for them to see that not only I'm justified in what I did but I'm right. Yes there are and will be people that will nit-pick at every word etc etc. This are the basic guidelines that I used. Some might be a tad off but so many are right on the money that adding the right on the money ones and the close enough to ones. Well I did what I though I had to do.

Please accept my excuse for the only piece of profanity that you will find in this whole web site but it just had to be told.

Please remember that I did request animosity for me and the patients. However when faced with the very first " proper " authority I did not hide behind: The freedom of the press and confidentiality of news sources. I identified my self proper name . address phone # RN license#, and even with my beeper number, talk about cooperating and taking responsibility for my actions.

I guess that if I had then the news reporters and the state would of gone around in circles wasting my good taxpayers money and the money of the news stations for a long time Huhh! It would also solved the problem of testing the metal of those " journalists " that make their claims. But we now know where they stand right!!


After we explore the why I did it. Please explore the punishments that were given or the charges that were brought against me who was not the " owner " ( legally means the originator or one in charge of the information ). Jose….1 …….2 ……3 And then the charges that were made against the " flesh of my flesh " = Judy my wife whom had no involvement what so ever except by marriage,….Pay close attention feminists and nurse teams composed of Husband and Wife's …..1 …..2 …..3 I will not repeat the who helped Judy part cause besides me the only help that she got was the one that I got. Zilch


charges or actions against the " owners " of the information. Charter …. .. 3….

We can also ask us who cooperated with me Jose…1 ….2 …3

……………………….& & & &…………………………………

and then see who cooperated with Charter….1 …2 ……3

For those of you that play cards? Do you see any kind of special cards being used here?

  This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

E-Mail Address for Nursing Organizations

Email Address for US Senate………………

E-Mail Address for US House of Representatives


Is a BEAR of a job but if you like you can also reach the whole Nation trough the air ways via Radio and TV Links


We the people can make changes.!!

And if you E-Mail this Journalists will help us all.




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