Dear Jose N Proenza Sanfiel,

Charter Hospital was trained in fraud techniques (false commitment, holding till insurance runs out, massive drugging, etc.) by National Medical Enterprises, Inc. who actually published a book telling other companies in the commitment business how to chart for the longest commitments, how to support their false claims leading to commitment in records, how to get the maximum insurance, etc.

See Congressional Record, hearings held by Chair Rep Pat Schroeder, Spring 1992, and Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families. Hearings began April 28, 1992. This fraud is explained in detail in these records. The records included copies of NME and Charter documents. If you cannot get them through your library email me. I went to the Library of Congress and copied some parts but my emphasis was on NME fraud. Perhaps the list has someone in Washington D.C. who could go and copy the parts concerning Charter.

When National Medical Enterprises, Inc. was caught in their 4 billion dollar commitment fraud, they were forced to divest many of their mental hospitals and divested many of them to Charter who simply continued the fraud they had been taught by NME.

Many of these Charter hospitals have the same line staff they had under NME, though in some cases the management changed. Some of these facilities have now been restricted from Medicare and other state and federally funded commitments due to untimely deaths, record keeping problems (absences), grossly improper use of restraints, improper use of isolation, abandonment of restrained patients for days at a time, commitment of critically ill patients who needed intensive medical care, etc. and have had to restrict their facilities and fraud to children whose commitment is paid by county funds and to privately insured commitments. Some of the largest private insurers won't authorize commitments at Charter hospitals. Counties seem less aware of the fraud history and less concerned about the lack of real care and on-going lack of training and malpractice

At one time Charter conducted a street sweeper program where they simply took a van and captured young people off the street and committed them in Los Angeles. I don't know if they are still doing this.

Under NME much of the daily program for both children and adults consists of no therapy whatsoever but simply group games, videos and group chat. Under NME many committed people never actually ever saw a psychiatrist though their insurance was billed for daily psychiatric visits. People were charged for up to 10 times the drugs they were actually given and actually given massive doses of drugs.

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