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Orlando, FL 32802-0999

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Mr., Jose N. Proenza Sanfiel

4210 POW's & Mia's Memorial Drive

St. Cloud, FL 34772-8142



Dear Mr. Proenza Sanfiel,

May 7, 1998


I must apologize again for not responding to you, but again, I must repeat that my office has asked me not to have further contact with you. I know you understand.

If you have further questions on this please feel free to contact our attorney, Jon Kaney at (904) 255-8171.

Thank you for your patience.

Richard Frohlich

Reporter, WFTV

CC: Jon Kaney Attorney-at-law Representing WFTV



PS: Let me suggest you contact Gregg Fox at WESH. I know you have worked with him extensively before. I will not respond in the future at all, at my office's request, but I'm sure Gregg is not under the same constraints.

Cox Broadcasting, Inc.

Webmaster's Comments.

This is the second letter that Richard sent me and I will publicly thank him for it since it demonstrated to me and informed me of what is really going on behind the scenes. I consider this a professional and caring attitude from this gentleman whose hands are obviously tied. I at the same time condemn those that are binding him and their attorneys for not caring enough as to notify me that I could contact them and or come to some kind of agreement with me as to how the duties of a source of information whom in so many ways and at so many times have claimed " Freedom of the press ". This has to be a first that I know of when NEWS REPORTERS are told not to speak to some one that has no legal action against the reporters.

I have no legal action against the reporters or the station so why not talk to me? Does this really make sense.? Or does it have something to do with the "deal " that was made between Charter Hospital and the News Media.?

Did the Hospital promised not to sue them if they kept me from speaking out? If that is so is that ethical? I do not know what the deal was but I know that the public is not being kept informed of this travesty of justice.

So folks now we know I will not get the voice of the media all I have is the legal system that is obviously stacked against me and this web page along with the voice of those that wish to help me.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH RICHARD AT THE VERY LEAST I KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. Even though it is disappointing and disheartening to know it is better than not knowing.


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I have been caring for the American Way of life for a while now.... you can see the other part of me on the other Web Site that I also maintain. That Web-Site deal's with the POW/MIA Issue Please visit it and get involved there are still men left behind and they need your help also. Visit " THE REAPER'S EDGE A POW's SCREAMED ECHO IN CYBERSPACE "

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