Mr. Jose N. Proenza Sanfiel 4210 POW's & Mia's Memorial Dr. St. Cloud, FL 34772-8142

 Dear Mr. Proenza Sanfiel ,

February 19, 1998


I have read your letter closely and I would be happy to respond.

 I certainly understand your anger at not hearing from me since our short conversation following the initial broadcast. You should know that my lack of response was because this story immediately ended up in litigation, both from the State and from the Hospital. Our attorney advised my News Director, Lauren Watkins, that we should not have further contact because the story had rapidly gone to a lawsuit. Ms. Watkins then instructed me to have limited, or no contact with you while this was before a judge.

 I absolutely understand why you are unhappy with that; In retrospect perhaps I should have called you to let you know that I was instructed not to discuss this further with you pending the suit. I regret not having done so.

 On another note, you seem convinced that I am responsible for the situation you are in -- and I suspect you also feel that Tony Pipitone at Ch.6 and Gregg Fox at Ch 2 are responsible as well since they too have done no further stories In fact, we at Channel Nine can draw no other conclusion other than you are responsible for this:

 A) You called all the television stations to your home to announce you'd found the computer. We did not seek you out.

 B) You refused to turn the computer over to state investigators as requested to do so by them. Instead, you told me on the phone that you wanted to see how much money the hospital offered you for the device first. And I vividly recall a quote of yours in the Orlando Sentinel in which you said something to the same effect.

 I was surprised -- to say the least -- to find you would only turn over the computer after talking about money. Surprised because you maintained then, as you do now, that you only did this for the public good. If that is true, why was money an issue then?

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 We at this news department cannot judge your motives since we don't know everything that you know. Still, it leaves us reasonably concerned.

 Lastly, I have been asked to convey to you that the station does not pay legal fees for people who end up in litigation after we have aired a story concerning them. I assure you deeply that this is not a one-time rule, but has applied at WFTV as far back as anyone can recall. You are in no way being singled out.

 I understand that this is frustrating to you. Yet since this is still being litigated, I am still unable to continue further conversations with you at the request of the station's news director and its attorney. This is not a personal decision on my part, but a directive from the people who pay me to do what they request.


Richard Frohlich

Reporter WFTV Television

 CC: Lauren Watkins News Director

 CC: Jon Kaney Attorney-at-law Representing WFTV


Webmaster's Comments.

This is the first of two letters that Richard sent me and if I had not been so upset by it and so very busy with my defense then I really would not bother to try communicating with him again since in reality it states their opinion pretty good. However I'm glad that I did communicate with him a second time since by Richard gave me a second reply it reassured me that he does personally care and that is a professional in my book. THANK YOU RICHARD.


I stated that I was upset by this letter since once again the issue of money had come up and me being misquoted along with Richards statement that they believe I was responsible and that I was trying to blame them etc. Obviously money is no issue to him or them since the stone is being cast upon the sinner right? What about this Richard? And also this.


The rest of the letter I will continue to respond here.

  1. You called all the television stations Well Richard yes I did that and obviously all three T.V stations thought that it was a worthy story enough for each to send a crew over right.! When I did call was I not responding to the advertisement that your station? Along with the others repeat over and over again enticing the public to be a whistle blower and report the wrongs etc etc.. now this being on the open let me ask you. Have you been true to all the claims that you promise those that call.? In my case clearly not. I'm not suing you or those that pay you.? We should have been in the same battle line? Both of our enemies have banded and sued us.? Your bosses retreated? I'M STILL ON THE BATTLE LINE.!! I have not seen any reports of action against you or them at least nothing that any one reports. Is there a case against you guy's still going on.? Against the other stations.? If the press does not report on itself who does.? Or have " agreements been made " that leave you all in peace while I fight alone this GIANTS.?? You are in no way being singled out. So what you are saying is that any one that calls your station ? ( and the others ) gives you a story that keeps you all working then they can expect to be dropped of like a hot potato??? Not caring about the damage caused.? YES RICHARD I CALLED but when you all responded I specifically told you and the others that the information was confidential and you know darn right that I did not give any one access to the computer and its data. I was under the impression that such data was being blurred as it was being taped. I also was not aware that the filming was so sharp to pick out specific names as I flashed the screens searching for data that was not patient sensitive yet was able to demonstrate that the computer did belong to a psychiatric Hospital that was being tried for Fraud and that by the release of the computer was negligent.

How quickly and how conveniently was this story suppressed. A multi billion dollar company with branches throughout the nation with an open Federal case for fraud of Medicaid & Medicare at the same time demonstrating negligence towards the most sensitive of data ( Psychiatric ). The state violating personal rights and ignoring the breach of confidentiality. This story with ramifications of a National level was suppressed. LEOPARDS DO NOT CHANGE THEIR SPOTS… it has been said. A National corporation normally has the same guidelines look beyond your nose man!!

Jose bashing is do much safer and easier.!! Sacrificial lamb's have always been used to cleanse the sins of others. Well damn it this sheep fights back but I need help.

 B) You refused to turn the computer over to state investigators Darn right you said that I knew more than you do about this. If you knew what I do then you would not of given it to them. I DID GIVE IT VOLUNTARILY to a Judge and law enforcement persons, 18 months later it sits collecting dust without being inspected for evidence on the federal case. Even though every one knows that it is there.

That is the story that also is being suppressed. All of this stories are not being told. Is that good and responsible Journalism. Follow the money son. Follow the money. Who gives a darn.! Who is covering up all of the stories that I have laid out on this web site.

I did not ask for a lawyer from you guy's, but since I though we were in the same side and with me being unable to pay for one I was under the impression that I could consult with yours so as not to hamper your case. I also was under the impression that the story would of be covered and that once the public knew the truth then I would get some help from the Taxpayer advocate groups, the patient advocate groups and the professional groups. That has not happened due to your news agency black out of the story.

Yet since this is still being litigated, I am still unable to continue further conversations with you  My litigation is over and has been for months I tried telling every one that. Or are we talking about litigation against you and the others? If you read the info on this web site you will see that not only it is over but I 'm the legal owner of the computer and no criminal charges or accusations have been made dealing with extortion or other type of moral implications that is the Hospital part.

The " litigation " with the state according to all the legal agencies that I have tried to get help from say ohhhh that is not a legal case that is just an Administrative matter. So where is the beef..!! going further wit the " Administrative case " take a look at the final charge…… VIOLATION OF PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY….that is all that is left. And you know darn well that I'm not guilty of that either.

I have said my piece and the world knows now. But the people of the state of Florida continue to loose. If after reviewing this web site you guy's prefer to remain silent so let it be. I can not change that. What is that saying about folks living in a glass palace.?


This Don Quixote must hang his armor put away his lance and go to the dungeons whereas I belong not for being a criminal but for being crazy enough to care.

I still believe that we can help correct this wrong. I leave it up to you.

Once again Richard I THANK YOU for at least you did the human thing and COMMUNICATED WITH ME.

To Greg Fox I thank you for the conversation that we had but I can not respond in black and white. You sounded sincere as when we have spoken before for other things. I guess that your memory is poor regarding my request for the attorneys to notify me of the fact that you are not supposed to talk to me. Then perhaps the memory or the willingness is their part and not yours either way. No CIGAR GUY.! I do not want to misquote you. I have not received any help from you either. In the similar fashion as Richard did. Where is the mutual respect that we have developed over the years? Enough as to be recognized by other reporters?

Tony Pipitone well guy I thank you for returning my two phone calls and the way that you said that you feared no one and would do the story. I'm still waiting perhaps you know how to write a good obituary. I do not know if you read the Bible but there is a place that has references to a cloud that promises rain and does not.

You all know where my heart lay's right here in this pages. You were here when we did the initial story if you really believe that I deserve this punishment then I must be crazy. Especially the extended punishment.

By your actions you cease to be journalists and become Judge and Jury.

I welcome rebuttal's but do not look for a combat of words what I and the patients the citizens and taxpayers need is that expertise and the careers that you chose to be put in high gear.

This open letter is not to attack you personally nor to place a guilt trip on any one is just a good shake and wake up call to bring you out of your slumber if it does not work. Hey I'd done the shaking and shouting loud enough.

God bless us all.!!



 This is the part that shows you care a little extra. Please take the time and go to some of these areas and let them know how you feel, and what they can do to help. Thanks so much. Also, contact any other person you wish. It is a free country still. SPECIALLY in my place!!

E-Mail Address for Nursing Organizations

Email Address for US Senate………………

E-Mail Address for US House of Representatives


Is a BEAR of a job but if you like you can also reach the whole Nation trough the air ways via Radio and TV Links


We the people can make changes.!!

And if you E-Mail this Journalists will help us all.





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