The 5-Cent Tour.

This page is dedicated to those that have little time but want to get the basic story. If you wish a more in depth explanation of the issues involved and see how the case has developed please go to the main page and follow the links found there. I know that it is lengthy at times and that the whole web site could be much better. There is always room for improvement. I will try to do so as time permits. Please understand that I'm a Registered nurse by trade and not a real Web designer. I have developed my abilities to present level due to necessity and I shall seek proficiency in the field. Also please consider the fact that I'm under very high time constraints due to the legal battle at hand.

The 5-Cent tour begins.

I bought a computer at a second hand shop.

When I took the computer home and turned it on. I found that the computer contained all the administrative information of a local psychiatric hospital. The computer also contained confidential information regarding the patients of the hospital including names, addresses, phone numbers etc.

Charter Hospital South of Orlando Florida. This hospital had been reported on the local news as being investigated by the federal government for " allegations of fraud " to the tune of millions trough Medicaid and Medicare. Such allegations are being tried in a court of law at the present time.

Due to the fact that the above is considered criminal activity. I felt that as a law-abiding citizen I should turn the " computer evidence " to law enforcement personnel. I also felt that the release of confidential information to the general public in this manner was gross negligence by the Hospital whom was trusted by the patients and paid good money to have their privacy protected.

I attempted to contact the local authorities regarding the evidence that I had found and the manner that I came about this information. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. Due to problems of jurisdiction and secrecy regarding ongoing investigations ( even though it had been on the news ) I was sent from one agency to another until all avenues were exhausted with the end result being that I was being sent back and forth from the local level to the federal level and so forth.

I became tired of this runaround and decided to contact the local news agency's ABC,CBS,and NBC. I contacted professionals and not the paparazzi. They were interested on the story and did an interview with me. I demanded that I be kept anonymous and that the patient information not be used or aired due to the sensitive nature of the information. This was agreed on and the news interviews were concluded.

One of the reporters lagged behind and used his contacts to find out what government agency would take charge and follow up on these violations being reported by me. The reporter did localize some one that said they would handle the situation. I was handed a cellular telephone and began to speak to a yet unidentified " government bureaucrat " this lady asked me who I was and my contact information. I provided all the information since I was doing the right thing and was not expecting what followed after that.

The " Faceless bureaucrat " after securing my information told me to give the computer back to Charter Hospital. I refused saying that was a bad idea of me giving evidence back to an "alleged criminal " . The " bureaucrat" then directed me to give the computer to her so that she could return it to the Hospital. I again refused since that also sounded as aiding and abetting " criminal activity". I had to go to work and did not have time any way but this person persisted on the request and said to leave the computer with my wife so that she could give it to her. I refused and said that I did not wish my wife involved since she was also a nurse and besides I was the one handling the matter by myself.

This bureaucrat seeing that she could not have her way then decide to threaten me by taking my Nursing license. That was the wrong thing to do since I do not take it kindly for strangers to threaten me especially under the circumstances. In view on the way that things were turning I ended the conversation. And that was the wrong thing for me to do as we will see.

The news aired regarding this violation of privacy and lack of government involvement in collection of evidence of a crime against the state coffers. Unknown to me and without my consent it seems that a couple of the News reporters decided to do a more thorough investigation by contacting some of the patient's whose name were in the computer. I was totally unaware that the cameras were capturing other information as I was searching for non-confidential information to prove that the computer did belong to " the alleged criminal ". I had to look since the reporters said that the story could not be aired unless they were sure that the information did belong to the hospital. I again warned the reporters that the patient information could not be used.

The news report went on the air and sure enough the " faceless bureaucrat " was good to her word knowing what buttons to push she began the "wheels of justice" turning against this nurse that dared to say no to her and the almighty Department of Health.

My nursing license got suspended in an "Emergency basis" and my wife was placed under investigation as a "co-conspirator" it has now been 18 months and the status is the same except as you will see further down.

In all of this period of time the following needs to be noted. The hospital initiated a lawsuit against all three-television stations and against my wife and me. The Department of health also has persecuted both my wife and me for violation of patient confidentiality.

The hospital with all it's money and trough private arrangements has stopped all three television stations from covering the story conveniently gagging them and preventing me from reaching the public for assistance in exposing this travesty of justice.

The Department of Health is still is trying to prosecute my wife and me for violation of patient confidentiality. Keeping true to the original threat of taking my nursing license.

While all of this has been going on even though I have requested it I have not received neither help nor justice has been served.

For that reason I have created this web site in order to expose this travesty of justice and in order to get help from the public in general.

Now that you know all of this please do go trough the rest of the web site and see all of the other information that is there and you will see every detail that needs to be seen in order to understand the magnitude of this incident.

Please bear with me a couple more minutes in this 5-cent tour for the short conclusion of the issue.

The moral of the story is as follows.

The hospital whom is an " alleged criminal " and the one responsible for the protection of the patient's confidentiality has gone unpunished. While my wife and I have been persecuted and prosecuted by every one without mercy or understanding.

I have requested help from every one imaginable without any help what so ever and here is an overview of those requested that have not helped at all.

I requested help from several patients advocate groups. I have requested help from the taxpayer advocate groups. I have requested help from Nursing associations and groups. I have requested help from legal aid societies and the ACLU. I have requested help from law enforcement agencies starting at the local level up to the federal level without results. I have requested help from the legislators starting at lowest to the highest level and no help either. I have requested help from the news service from local to national and no help either.

It seems that there is no help coming even though I need it badly. I'm depending on you the public that I tried to protect for assistance in this matter. I hope that by exposing this on the World Wide Wave I can gain support and assistance so please do tell others about my web site and help me bring justice where justice seems to have gone hay wire.

I ask of you please do follow all the links and take the full tour in this wild trip so that you will understand that if I loose every one looses as follows.

The taxpayers will loose since the evidence is not being investigated. The patients will loose because their privacy has been violated and no real protection has been achieved. The nurses will loose because the right of being a patient advocate has been violated and denied by court ruling making this a precedent setting case. The rights of ownership will be lost because by precedence in court rule selective items can be taken away of something that you purchased legally as I did. Civil rights will be lost because my right to practice as a free contractor has been denied setting precedence by court rule.

There is more and the case is not closed yet so there is hope that all of this can be turned around. I still have the right to appeal in the courts. I will not win unless you help me turn this injustice around so please do make a bookmark of this web site so that you may follow the case and see the ways that I will need assistance.

I'm very busy fighting " the system " so please do tell others become involved that is what I need the most right now assistance with support.

I hope that this is more orderly and explains the issues at hand.

Thank you, for taking the time and thank you in advance for any assistance that you are willing to give.

We remain respectfully yours.

Jose N Proenza Sanfiel and Judy Proenza Sanfiel.

A nurse that dared to care one step beyond.

And a nurse that fell in love with a " dreaming fool ".

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